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Do you want you to start your own business? Searching the best business ideas but, no money to invest? Here, we have come up with the 5 best business ideas to start in less than 20k.

Entrepreneurship is a popular term these days. It has become a thing for fresh college graduates, who are planning or in the process to start their own business. People mainly believe that to start any business, you need a huge amount of money. But the fact is that starting and running a business is all about, skills, hard work, and dedication. And, that is why you can take the foundation of a successful business with your small saving like Rs. 20,000. In this article, you will get a brief overview of five business idea, just go through it.

Digital Marketing

One of the most demanding services, digital marketing brings doors for various business and employment opportunities. If you are interested in online marketing and creative designing then it is the field you are looking for. For this, you only need a laptop to work and a smartphone with an internet connection to coordinate with your clients.

Handcrafted Products

Do you know people pay good money for handcrafted cards, showpieces, jewelry? To start this one, you do not need even 10,000; you can start from your home with few customers. If you have the skill you will grow and establish your business in the market.

Day Care Service

With parents getting busy in their office and work, kids are left at home alone. In this situation, parents look for such service that caters kids and their needs daily. You can start it at your home initially. Talk to your neighbors; explain to them that you can look after their children well at a small fee.  Target kids between the age of 1 to 3 years, once the number of kids increases, take place in your nearby.

Tutorial Classes

No matter your age, it is another revenue-generating business that you can start as a part-time or full-time as per your convenient. Find your interested subject or in which you are master and start teaching. Parents always look for such options where their children can study well and progress in their academic. And, you will provide them that solution in some fee.

Coffee Shop

Starting a coffee shop will cost very little. Here, the most important factor is your dedication to delight customers. Once a customer enjoys the services, they are likely to recommend others to your shop, and this is how you grow your customer base. Of course, your shop location is very important. Try to locate it in or near the office park, or in a part of a city with lots of pedestrians.

These are 5 best businesses you can start with Rs 20,000. Although, these businesses are easy to start and run, but be smart while selecting your location (where the location is important), employee and most important idea; do hard work, show your dedication and get the victory.

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