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Archana Khosla, the wonder lady, untangling legal puzzles with Vertices Partners

Archana Khosla, the wonder lady, untangling legal puzzles with Vertices Partners

Traditionally, the legal sector in India is a male-dominated profession. Women entered in this industry after long and protracted legal battles, and even then, their presence in the courts continued insignificant until the end of the twentieth century. The invasion of modernity has moderated the court environment and also put an end to the gender disparities in the legal profession. Moreover, the concept of globalization in the twenty-first century has provided additional opportunities to Indian women in legal education and training. That is why, huge numbers of young women aspiring for a career in law, and some have already created a remarkable name for themselves. 

Archana Khosla is one such superwoman who has evolved blazing through and has created her mark in the legal field. She has broken stereotypes with her ability and carved the path for future generations. Archana holds strong wings to fly high and entered the market with a unique business approach to legal services. In 2016, she initiated Vertices Partners with an aim to redefine the social norms that govern women’s economic participation. Archana possesses great expertise in corporate commercial, venture capital, private equity practice, alliances & acquisitions, and joint ventures. She has been constantly advocating on FDI, outbound investments, joint ventures, technology transfers, and commercial contractual aspects. She has served across numerous sectors like inter-alia financial services, consumer products, healthcare, production, education, and pharmaceuticals.

Vertices Partners: Taking Legal Services on a Broader Perspective

Vertices Partners has been established as a boutique law firm. It is a team of 32 expert and proficient professionals, who believe in relationship-driven servicing. The entire team is committed to develop and nurture relationships with clients. The firm has become a renowned name in the industry in just three years, because of its ability to present optimal solutions packaged with pragmatism. Vertices assist clients with the incisive approach and unmatched know-how.

The firm offers comprehensive legal services in different verticals like corporate and commercial, venture capital private equity, and many more. Here are Vertices’s key areas of expertise:

  • Private Equity & Venture Capital & Fund
  • Corporate Commercial Advisory
  • Joint Ventures & Collaboration
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Compliance, Bribery, Anti-Corruption, White Collar Crimes
  • Foreign Investment & Exchange Control
  • Regulatory Affairs

In an exclusive interview with Puja Bhardwaj – Editor, Startup City, Archana Khosla shares more insights on her business venture, her professional journey and more.

Here are edited excerpts.

Hello Archana, thank you so much for your valuable time. To kick things off, throw light on your personal and professional life.

I grew up in a family of military personnel, given that my father served in the armed forces. Because of the migratory nature of military life, I got exposed to the social and cultural multifariousness of the country at a very primitive phase of my life. That exposure performed a significant character in forming my mind and making me self-governing and proactive.

During the final years of schooling, I found my calling – to become a lawyer, as I observed that I could make a difference by using my analyzing and reasoning ability. As a first-generation lawyer, I began practicing as a litigating lawyer in the High Court of Delhi and the Supreme Court of India. As a part of my career progression, I shifted to corporate law and held leadership roles in some of the imminent law firms in the country.    

Though, the desire to break out of the monotony of a routine job, design my own success pathway and establish my own corporate culture drove me towards kick-starting my entrepreneurial journey. Being a specialist in the field of private equity and venture capital practice, I came in close contact with several entrepreneurs. Their passion for innovation and ideas was infectious and such passion fuelled my entrepreneurial dream further. Finally, in 2016, dispelling all self-doubts, I founded Vertices Partners along with my husband and other co-founding partners.

Where does your interest in entrepreneurship come from – how did you initiate?

Well, I had always been nurturing a dream of becoming an entrepreneur. Initially, I couldn’t garner the needed courage and conviction to outline my own path. Nevertheless, with the growth in my career, the desire to become an entrepreneur began becoming stronger. As I mentioned while answering the previous question, the tedium of a routine job, the urge to become independent, etc. were some driving factors which prompted me to take the plunge. Though, giving a shape to your inner realization defying self-doubt and cautions requires a huge amount of conviction. Thankfully, I picked where my heart lies to set up Vertices Partners.   

What are the differentiating factors that make your company stand out in the market?

Our unparalleled expertise, extensive knowledge of the commercial nuances, quick turnaround ability, speedy availability, honest and transparent approach, and partner involvement in every assignment have made Vertices Partners unmatched in the market.

We are not just mere transactional advisers. We have established ourselves as the market-leading dealmakers. Going beyond the convention of identifying the inherent risk factors for the clients, we always try to mitigate those possible risks by offering pragmatic and efficient resolutions.

In addition, our dynamic capacity to offer customized and sector-specific advice differentiates us from the rest in the business. In fact, that’s the hallmark of our corporate and transactional practice. Every sector has its own intricacies and complexities when it comes to complying with the regulatory regime. Our grasp over those fundamentals always supports us come up with the right solutions for our clients.

How do women feel in the male-dominated industry? Share your experience and learning to deal with it.

I think gender discrimination still persists in every industry, albeit in a more restrained form. Because of a regressive outlook, women often end up being side lined. As a result, for a woman, earning respect in a male-dominated set-up is a continuous struggle. However, based on my experience, I can say that if your determination is strong and learning is continuous, gender-discrimination won’t hinder your growth.

What is your point of view on the current situation of women entrepreneurship in India? Do you think it is still challenging for women to commence a business in India?

The growth of businesswomen in India is a healthy trend. It underlines the evolving perception of entrepreneurship and the growing acceptance of women ventures. However, there is still a long way to go. Women entrepreneurs in India are still confronting a number of hurdles. But nothing is too big in front of your dream. There will be hurdles in your journey. Your desire to build and grow a company has to be so intense that it will inspire you to find a way out.

Tell your success secret for achieving a balance in your personal and professional life.

Maintaining balance at the professional and home front is a perennial challenge. As a doting mother to an 11-month-old son, there are occasions when I have to handle my son and check documents simultaneously. My husband and parents have been my prominent source of motivation and enthusiasm to grow as a better professional and a human being. My secret to striking equilibrium between my personal and professional life is always to select the priorities right both at home and at work. I believe that’s the key to attain peace and prosperity on both fronts.

Stars in the Sky of Vertices Partners


  • Ranked among Top 10 Youngest Law Firm 2017 & 2018 in the Private Equity Segment
  • Awarded Debutant Law Firm of the Year in Private Equity & Venture Capital League table 2016
  • Ranked Top 10 club member of the year 2016 in Private Equity & Venture Capital League Table 2016


  • Awarded Best Indian Law Firm 2019
  • Won Indian Law Firm Awards 2019 in the category Private Equity & Venture Capital
  • Awarded Top 10 Law Firm – 2018 in Private Equity Practice
  • Awarded The Best New Law – 2017 & 2018
  • Adjudged Rising Star


  • Recognized as a Notable Firm in 2019
  • IFLR 1000
  • Awarded as a Recommended Firm in 2019
  • Vertices Partners scored higher consistently in RSG report 2017 on some key parameters

As a source of inspiration for countless young women, what would your advice be for them, who want to start their venture in the same domain?

At the initial stage, an entrepreneur has to battle a number of doubts, on a daily basis. Ranging from the basic, “Am I targeting the right market segment?” to more operational questions like, “How to reach out the potential partners for my business?” Here, the solution is to face them and deal with them holistically.

It is essential for Entrepreneurs to actively make efforts on nurturing and deepening their networks. They should steadily seek mentorship and advice from experts, as it will be helpful in their entrepreneurial journey.

Make a commitment to education, to learning as much as you can as the idea should be to be at high competence levels at all points of time.

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