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Some Amazing Women Entrepreneurs in India, Breaking the Barriers


Some Amazing Women Entrepreneurs in India, Breaking the Barriers

In the last few years, women are tipping the scale in the start-up ecosystem in India that usually weighs heavy with male-dominated companies. Now, they are trading into almost all spheres and have proved themselves. They embody the modern India, which is bold, willing to take a risk and learn from their mistakes.

These women entrepreneurs have faced a lot of difficulties; they overcame them and made their way to create their name in the global market. They have not only measured success path for themselves but have done a lot in terms of exposing the potential that a woman holds.

Let’s take a look at these wonderful women in the entrepreneurial world. They are role models and a source of motivation to the inspiring generation:

Shradha Sharma

When it comes to the startup ecosystem in India, Sharda Sharma is one of the most emerging names. She introduced YourStory, an online media venture for entrepreneurs and startups in the year 2008.

Shradha is a graduate from St. Stephen’s College, worked with TOI as Brand Advisor and later with CNBC TV18 as Assistant Vice President. Presently, YourStory has different sister platforms like HerStory, SocialStory, YS TV, YS Research and YS pages, which have reached 60 Mn engaged readers.

 Rashmi Daga

The founder and owner of the famous food-tech company, FreshMenu Rashmi Daga is one of the most inspiring lady entrepreneurs. She started the company in 2014 with an aim to rescue food seeker from mundane meals.

The company is on a constant quest to whip-up interesting meal options in the kitchen’s spread out across the city. Rashmi started her career as a Business Manager at IBM in 2003 and took her first step in the entrepreneurial world with, an online business that is focused on selling curate art and craft products.

Richa Singh

With an aim to establish a unique platform for mental wellbeing and emotional support, Richa Singh kept the foundation of YourDOST. This site connects experts to people who look to discuss any kind of emotional issue while providing them needed anonymity. Richa is an alumnus of IIT Guwahati and she started this firm in partnership with Puneet Manuja and Prakhar Verma.

Richa is confident that technology combined with empathy and the right kind of experts will work great for people who are going through different emotional and mental problems. Today, YourDOST has close to 70,000 users that are growing at about 40% monthly. 

Priya Naik

A promising social entrepreneur of India, Priya Naik is the founder of Samhita Social Ventures; this is an organization that supports corporations, donor agencies, NGOs, individuals as well as philanthropists collaborate for social impact on a huge scale.

Priya founded Samhita in 2009, the meaning of this name is “collective good” and this organization is doing the same. Prior to Samhita, Priya co-founded The Spark Group, an education company that deliveres affordable education to low-income communities.

While she was working as a Research at the Poverty Action Lab at MIT, Cambridge, her interest in social entrepreneurship begins.

Arpita Ganesh

After experiencing a brat-fitting session in New York, Arpita Ganesh decided to leave her 10 years long career in advertising to make a dent in the Indian lingerie market.

In the year 2008, she took the foundation of Buttercups, India’s first high-end lingerie brand that retailed international labels and offered personalized sizing, to fitting, to consultations as per your needs.

Arpita Ganesh and her venture is the perfect example that anything done with passion, however difficult it may be, will get the victory.

Kanika Tekriwal

Kanika Tekriwal came up with India’s first-ever marketplace for chartered planes, JetSetGo. After spending eight years in the aviation industry, she realized the frustration of customers while dealing with charter brokers and operators because of sheer lack of transparency and non-availability of charter planes, customers have to pay astronomical amounts.

JetSetGo is mainly re-defining the private aviation business, by seamlessly creating a marketplace, which joins the dots between charter customers and operators on hand and service provider with operators on others.

Sairee Chahal

When it comes to lady entrepreneurs in India, the list is incomplete without mentioning the great businesswomen, Sairee Chahal. She introduces a unique women’s community platform, SHEROES. It works like a safe place where women engaged around spheres of life such as careers, relationships, health, and entrepreneurship.

Here, community members can talk to counsellors on a secure chat helping and get support on the go. In the contemporary world, SHEROES is considered as one of the most responsive helplines in the country. 

These are few names from the list that are breaking the stereotypes and taking major roles in different industry verticals. Their stories tell us that gender is not counted as any factor for achieving success.

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