Is the Sales Department is the Back Bone for any company ?


Sales incentiveEvery company is consist of various departments, such as Accounts, Finance, Sales, Marketing, Training, HR (Human Resource), etc. Each and every department have their own values & responsibilities.

But, in my understanding the Sales Department is the back bone for any company. Because this is the only department which is bounded to make continous & steady flow of money to the company. If HR (Human)

Resource, Training, Marketing & other departments are not there in the company that can be managed by one person only, but if the sales department is not there then, how the money, projects & the other work

will come to the company to make the other employees in the company. This is the only department, which gives the Money & the work to the company.

Sales person in the company is the Highly Paid employees, not by the fixed; by Incentives, he is the person working only for Incentives. A good sales person makes his incentives more then his Salary. For any company,

the important thing is to Make sales person Happy, to run the company smoothly.

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