Cleanliness: Why so much important in our life? – Amit Vikram Mohanty


Cleanliness: Why so much important in our life? - Amit Vikram MohantyMahatma Gandhi had always focused on cleanliness and hygiene of individuals and society. Gandhiji devoted a lot of time spreading awareness about sanitation, cleanliness and hygiene. But it is unfortunate that even after a century (close to)  India has not been able to achieve Gandhiji’s vision.  Most astonishing fact is that educated and qualified persons are also responsible for this mess up of environment.

The idea of writing this article came to my mind when I saw a sudden importance given to cleanliness by none other than Mr. Modi. It can be said that cleanliness is an integral part of life not a day or a couple of day’s initiative. It’s good that at least the initiative has been started and it’s a long journey to travel. I am even happier that this initiative is getting positive response. So it is our duty to educate as much people as possible on this topic. I remember my school days where we volunteered for cleanliness and kept our school premises clean. All the students and teachers contributed to the success of it. When the villages spread around the school noticed it, many of those people got involved in building a clean atmosphere. This is the power individual!! You start a good work, others will follow you!!

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