Artificial Intelligence drives customer experience


Artificial Intelligence drives customer experience

21st century can be said to be the century of miracles. We are able to do all that we would have not even dreamt of 20 years back. For an instance, the way we talk to the Apple’s intelligent personal assistant siri is simply magical. Who would have thought even a decade back that robots will talk to humans? We used to see robots in Hollywood movies where it would be explicitly mentioned that all characters were merely a work of fiction and in reality no such robots existed. But today many of our daily chores are done with the help of these artificially intelligent robots. It has found its application in many fields of daily life such as Banking, Surgery, Engineering, Customer Service, Data analytics to name a few. The most helpful tool it has proven to be is in the “customer service sector”.

Artificial Intelligence can completely change the dynamics of customer service sector. It can prove to be a boon to customer experiences and digital transformations. According to a prediction by 2019, 40% of the digital transformations initiatives will be taken forward by artificial intelligence. An expert says that by 2022, 85% of the customer relationships will be taking place by the help of these Chatbots. A research predicts that Chatbot conversations will save costs of nearby $8 billion per year by the year 2020 which is at present $20 million.  It can work wonders for many business tycoons who are looking to work on cost effective tools. These tools can help them reduce the redundant workforce. For an instance, China Merchant Bank took help of an artificial intelligence tool which solved the basic query of 2 million people on daily basis. There used to be some very simple queries such as outstanding amount of credit card or available limit etc. These AI tools were assigned to answer these immediately. Humans there are assigned with those queries which are complicated for any artificial intelligent robot to answer.

There are many instances where we can take a glimpse of how these AI tools are bringing revolution in daily walk of life. Let’s take a look at few examples where Artificial Intelligence is proving its mettle.

  1. Domino’s is providing its customers a hassle free option of ordering pizza through Facebook messenger chatbot named Customer just needs to write “pizza” and his order will be booked. All his credentials will be automatically filled.
  2. Black diamond is an e-commerce giant famous for its products related to skiing. It suggests products to its existing customers on the basis of his previous choices and weather conditions. It works on enhancing customer satisfaction by reducing time and effort.
  3. Spotify is an online music platform which plays music according to the customer’s past preferences and choices. It is getting thumbs up for its service of “Discover Weekly” which provides personalized playlist for every customer.
  4. Google photo is a tool about which almost every smartphone user is aware of. It comes with a smart AI tool which automatically labels photos. This AI technology tags people on the basis of place, time, date and then works on it.
  5. KFC with the help of Chinese version of Google i.e. Baidu is working on a platform where order can be booked with the help of facial recognition. Doesn’t it sound awesome? AI will recognize what is the need of the customer. It will also work on the past records so that it could track the orders for repeating customers. 

So these are some of the applications of Artificial Intelligence which are in vogue these days. Many more advancements are supposed to take place in near future. Future of AI looks bright and impressive. Many more magical tools are to be unleashed.

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