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5 Types of Advertising for Small Business


5 Types of Advertising for Small Business

Every small business wants to grow their customer base as well as their earnings and to do this they need to invest in advertising. A good advertisement helps in building awareness of your brand among a larger audience. In this modern time, there are various types of advertisements that are available to every business like Search engine ads, Social media marketing, content marketing and many more. Despite these modern advertising tools, traditional ways of advertising like magazine, newspaper, radio and TV are still more trustable. Investing in advertising for small businesses can be profitable. Here are some best types of advertisements for start ups and small businesses to promote their product or services.

  • Social Media Advertising

It is the most chosen form of advertisement by small businesses as it is easy, affordable and highly targeted. If a person owns a store and he wants to promote it, he can use an ad targeting option to select the audience living within 5Km of his store. There are many social media platforms that you can use to run advertisement like Facebook and Instagram as these are most used platforms and if you want to target other businesses you can run ads on LinkedIn.

  • Start-up Magazine

Having your advertisement in a specialist magazine can improve your market reputation quickly and easily. The readers of a magazine are loyal readers and potential customers, they keep the magazine for a long time and tend to pass it on which gives your business more exposure.  A magazine always has a targeted audience of a specific industry or niche for example- business, sports or men’s magazine.

Promoting your business in the glossy papers of a magazine is the best thing that can happen to your business as they are much better at expressing your story and brand.

One of the best start-up magazines to promote your business or brand in Startup City Magazine as it will give you an exposure to the outer world and it will also attract potential customers.

  • Broadcast Ads

In this, mass-market media like TV and radio are involved. Well, the advertisement for TV can be very costly but if you go for local TV and radio shows which are more popular in your area can be much affordable. The actual cost of broadcast advertising depends on various factors like the length of your ad and how many time will it play in a day. Keep these factors in mind while going for broadcast ads.

  • Outdoor advertising

Outdoor advertising as the name suggest is the form of advertising that reaches to the customers when they step out of their home. Poster ads, digital signage and billboard ads on the roads, bus stops, metros stations and local walls are some examples of this form of advertisement. This form of advertisement is expensive and untargeted, yet it can give a lot of exposure.

  • Direct Mail Ads

This form of advertisement includes all kind of ads which are directly delivered to a person’s home via mail. Well, direct mail is not that popular but if you can come up with a creative and unique design which will be visually appealing there are chances of your success. Some examples of this form of advertisement are broachers, catalogues, sales letter and newsletter.


To increase brand awareness and customer base branding is very important. If you have not developed a right strategy and correct platform to promote, your business is not going to last long.

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