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Travel Credit Cards are uniquely tailored to make your travels rewarding with a host of offers and privileges. If you are wanderlust or work takes you to different places in India and abroad, then a travel card can be resourceful. Besides keeping your wallet or purse light of wads of cash, keep your perfect travel credit card during your tour.

Best travel cards come with excellent perks like priority boarding, premium lounge access, and rewards in terms of points and free air miles. You can easily redeem from a huge range of options like shopping, appliances, spa, travel vouchers, discounts at restaurants and hotels, etc.

Now without any further delay, let’s look at the credit cards which made it to the list;

The Yatra SBI Card

Present-day, the Yatra SBI Card is on the top position when it comes to the best travel credit card in the market for Yatra. If you use it on a regular basis, you can avail 6 discounts of up to 20% off flight and hotel bookings on Yatra every year. Besides, you get two domestic MasterCard lounge visits quarterly.

On non-travel expenses, you get value back of 1.5% on retail and grocery stores, and on dining, movies, entertainment and international transactions (6 points per Rs. 100 spent, 25% redemption rate for Yatra vouchers). But with the Yatra, you can get the actual advantages. Apart from it and other mentioned categories, you get a rupee value back of 0.25% that is below average (1 point per Rs. 100).

Axis Bank Insta Easy Credit Card

The Axis Bank Insta Easy Credit Card is on-demand these days. To avail this card, you need to deposit at least Rs. 20,000 and then you do not have to pay any annual fees; besides, there is no age or income needs. You’ll get the most out of the card from its great 1.2% rupee value back on domestic charges (6 points per Rs. 200; 1 point = Rs. 0.40 in Yatra vouchers).

On international charges, you will be able to get a better rate of 2.4% rupee value back (12 points per Rs. 200). Dining at selected restaurants could also earn you up to 15% off when using the card. Overall, it brings amazing travel benefits in a card against fixed deposit

BOB Financial Premier Credit Card

BOB Financial Premier Card is available for effectively no annual fee. But it charges Rs. 1,000 as a technical charge, but the first year’s fee is waived on the speed of Rs. 10,000 within 60 days, which should be easily achievable for most consumers.

In the second year, to use the card freely you need to spend Rs. 120,000 in a year that is mainly achievable for an average spender.

All monetary value from this card comes from rewards earned on spend, with great 2.5% rupee value back on travel, dining and international transactions (10 points per Rs. 100 spent; 1 point = Rs. 0.25).

 You’ll earn a relatively average 0.50% rupee value back on all other spending (2 points per Rs. 100). Last, you’ll get access to dozens of lounges across India. Get this travel card if you want to avoid an annual fee, assuming you can meet the annual spending requirement

Snapdeal HDFC Bank Credit Card

Snapdeal HDFC Bank Credit Card brings amazing offers and discount for travel and shopping spends both. If you want great rewards for both, go for this Card. It gives an awesome welcome gift equates to Rs. 2,250 in Snapdeal vouchers, and then most of its value is from the fantastic 11.67% value back on Snapdeal (5% instant discount + 20 points/Rs. 150 spent; 1 point = Rs. 0.50 Snapdeal vouchers).

You get an excellent 6.67% value back on HDFC’s exclusive SmartBuy platform, with 20 points per Rs. 150 spent on travel bookings. Besides, it provides a 6.67% value back on Amazon, Flipkart, and many more.

Standard Chartered Yatra Platinum Card

If you are looking to acquire a card used for travelling expenses, specifically on Yatra, then this Standard Chartered Yatra Platinum Card is the ideal option for you. It offers excellent 10% cash back on all travel bookings on the platform. It covers domestic as well as international flights, and hotel bookings.

 Moreover, the Standard Chartered Yatra Platinum Card provides a great perk. With it, you can cancel flights without paying any fees. Also, the cash back rate, the card also offers cardholders rewards rate of 0.95% (4 points per Rs. 100, 1 reward point = 0.53 InterMiles) on all travel bookings.

Citi Prestige Credit Card

The Citi Prestige Card is known for offering the most lucrative perks on the market.  A majority of the card’s value comes from its annual bonuses of about Rs. 14,500 in rupee value (10,000 miles + Rs. 10,000 in Taj/ITC vouchers). It also has a great rupee value back of 1.8% on domestic spend (1 point per Rs. 100) and 3.6% overseas (2 points per Rs. 100).

Get fantastic perks, with its unlimited Priority Pass, stay 4 nights get 1 free at any hotel globally and great golf advantages. If you can spend enough or have Citigold Private Status and want perks like these, Citi Prestige Credit Card is for you.

It is really difficult to choose the best travel credit card as there is a huge variety and many of them seem to be the same! I hope this list will help you. Lastly, the best travel credit card is the one that aligns your travel goals.

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