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“I believe that entrepreneurship is about being able to face failure, manage failure, and success after failing.” Quoted by a leader who has put the Indian pharmaceutical industry on the map with her successful startup, Kiran Majumdar is an example of the power and zeal pharmaceutical entrepreneurs have.

Like any industry, the pharmaceutical industry is also surrounded with the various factors, from rising costs to increased complexity and pressure to solve the new-age diseases, improve workforce productivity by automating recurring non-core activities and generating reports and analytics.

Today, technology has become an inevitable part of the solutions offered by the pharmaceutical industry. From AI, machine learning, AR-VR, the Internet of Things, Blockchain, 3D printers, Organ-on-Chips are among these innovations. So when it comes to managing all the aspects of the business for its smooth functioning and efficiency in life-saving solutions.

At the paramount position, various brands in the country are the best in the world and when it comes to the global generic drugs market, India is a top supplier. Supported with the cloud, the Best CRM for the pharmaceutical Industry is essential in the digital age as the professionals can get access to their information about their projects, customer relationships for a better relationship with the clientele.

To ensure the favourable growth prospects for the industry, the customer relationship managers are the tools at the forefront fighting with the challenges presented. Each of the CRM software is actively helpful in this fast-paced transforming Indian Pharmaceutical industry.


Assessment procedures, quality system, data security, transfer of information, data collection, and the documentation process, each one of these spotlighted process today is not taken care of like it was traditionally, waiting for things to take time to get process.

Custom CRM solutions with cloud-based database solutions, mobile device support for market development, and client contact tracking allows the companies to manage the information they are looking for via the best CRM applications for the real estate industry.

Be it a large company or just a startup, implementation of a CRM allows 24/7 support on the desktop as well as mobile devices 24 hours a day, the best CRM applications for pharmaceutical have related a better system to communicate with clients in a timely fashion and research properties on-the-go.


May it be brick-and-mortar retail chemists or e-pharmacy portals; maintaining records of the patients, doctors, prescriptions and the purchased drugs are mandatory to be maintained and best CRMs for the pharmaceutical industry offer this and much more.

Designed to improve efficiency in every type of organisations which is a part of different stages of the value chain, the top CRMs for the pharmaceutical industry can also track copious amounts of data and business and advertising metrics without making a mess and ensuring that everything is organised while one is managing their customers who are associated with them in the past, today and will be in future.


They are also enormously aiding in estimating customer perceptions on existing medicines and drugs based on the market conditions and modify the marketing and sales mix to perfectly suit the customers’ healthcare requirements. For the already customers, they are quite efficient in uploading contracts, managing deadlines for transactions, and providing individuals who are part of the transaction with the access to view the documents and ask questions.


From prospects to the patients one has already served, CRMs handle everything. They can manage the leads and inventory from a single dashboard, all the POS and patient feedback through a single online reporting software, allow optimizing your marketing timelines by clearly laying out the target customer groups and their spheres of influence, they allow the rise in the relevant patients.


Relevancy is the key to staying on the top and being in such a competitive industry, focus on improved customer service is required. For the same, one must be aware of all the options that are in the market which the prospects are looking for using the websites.

The CRM software in the pharmacy industry aids in the imperative need of world-class customer service to get the repeat business from the customer and is equipped with these features that allow management of their clients and time efficiently and focus on more core operations that are to ensure they have sales and earn profits.

Looking for the CRM options?

The CRM software system in the modern age is targeted towards achieving their objectives without compromising a lot of time and efforts in storing your customer data and allowing one to retrieve the data to take appropriate actions. The healthcare CRM options that are acing the game right now are:

Veeva CRM

Well, after being familiar with these benefits, it is only logical to ask for an integrated database and platform for managing customers. Well, a leader in the industry Veeva CRM has been helping many brands stay on apex in the booming housing market. With a suite of features including intelligent customer engagement, resource planning, coordination across multiple channels, and efficient data consolidation, Veeva CRM is designed to ensure that the whole process of customer relationship is managed at one spot and every information in the pipeline is visible whenever needed.

Salesforce Health Cloud

A well-heard name in the CRM industry, Salesforce has been aiding various brands in different industries for years since their inception. Salesforce health cloud is the arm of the CRM platform that helps the clients to have a better and sustainable way to collect and manage data with customer relationship management. The renowned software has been offering the real estate CRM solutions for a long time now where it has been offering customised solutions inclusive of unlocking data from legacy systems and gives you a unified view of the patient across every touchpoint and connects with them through a single engagement platform.

HC1 Healthcare CRM

Offering 360-degree support to the professionals with actionable key metrics to track a patient’s journey, HC1 healthcare CRM has been equipped with the automated alerts, triggered lead follow-ups grab patients’ attention by providing contextual healthcare recommendations.

The real-time dashboards and reports allow the pivotal data to be viewed quickly and professionals get an instant overview of their organization’s operations and performance, patient data, and streamline the daily tasks to increase both employee efficiency and patient satisfaction. 

Leadsquared CRM

As the name suggests, this CRM is aimed at ensuring the effective management of the business leads to essential patient acquisition, communications, and engagement. Healthcare organizations need a tool to create, manage, and deploy awareness campaigns, book appointments and notify both the patients and the healthcare providers about the scheduled appointments.

 While monitoring the patient activity, the CRM interface allows the identification of the intent by tracking the pages on the website, forms filled by them and their conversations and automates notifications to the staff to take appropriate actions, such an organised solution is essentially a very relevant example of how technology is transforming the operation’s efficiency.


The leading CRM software has been offering support to various pharmaceutical companies, wholesalers, pharmacies, doctors and hospitals in various services including enquiry management, customer data management, manage cycle activity planning, payment management, employee management, document management and reporting. One can have a look at every service the best CRM software in real estate offers on their mobile phones, tablets as well with their mobile-first feature.


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