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You might be searching for a better and stable job, promotions or considering switching careers but have you ever thought about building your brand? Well yes, as a marketer you have promoted several services and products so why don’t you market yourself? Well, building a personal brand can help you in being your boss. Two things will help you to build your brand one is your passion and another is your values.

Values are the thing that you believe is vital in the way you live or work whereas passion is the things you enjoy doing. Both of them are very unique from each other and yet sometimes they can be relatable.

Passion is two kinds and to build a successful personal brand and you need to identify both of them.

  • Personal Passion – sketching, gardening or family
  • Professional Passion – marketing, automation or design

Value and passion will decide what and where you want to be in the next five of twenty-five years and it will also help you in selecting the right career path.

What are your key traits?

What are you best at? What allows you to stand out of the crowd? Following are some unique traits and there is a probability that you have one of them.

  1. Openness to experience
  2. Conscientiousness
  3. Extraversion
  4. Agreeableness
  5. Neuroticism

With each trait you have the opportunity to scale and to find which trait defines your personality; you should ask your close friends and family. Ask the people in your close circle to define you with three adjectives. They can always give you some insights and based on their insight you will be able to analyze your traits. Once you have identified your key skills or traits then you are all set to start your brand all you have to do to visualize the best version of yourself.

Write a statement for yourself describing your passion and values and read it every morning after you wake up and every night right before going to sleep.

Developing Personal Image

Now it’s time to show the world that what you can do with your values, passion and skills. Here are some ways that you can get started:

  1. Click some pictures of your from a professional and use them on your Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook and on your website.
  2. Create a unique email signature and always include your contact information, signature, social media profiles and your website link.
  3. Construct your reputation and credibility by publishing quality content on your website, Linkedin, Instagram, Quora and Medium to reach your end-user.
  4. Always be ready to participate in networking events where you can find more people from the same industry.

Defile Your Targeted Audience

One of the important factors that you should remember while developing a personal brand is defining your targeted audience. Look it is impossible to make everyone like your content as most of them might not be interested in your niche so building a community of your targeted audience is important. Well, it is better to invest your time, money and energy in those people who are more likely to offer your desired results.

Who is included in your targeted audience?

  1. Person who will pay you – They are the most important kind of audience as they will help you to move on the next step of your business. They can be your investors, boss or customers. First, develop the description of this person (real or imaginary) and add as many details as you can. After creating an image you need to find what will motivate or inspire them to give their money to you? Understanding their emotions can help you in reaching to you as well as their goal. 
  2. The one who influences your paying customers – In this you need to win the complete confidence of your client and you can only do this by making every process transparent and showing your achievements.
  3. The Supporters – For whom you are creating content? Who will gain the maximum benefits from your product or service? These are the people who will always support you and encourage you to do much greater things. They are not your paying customers but they influence them big way. 

Build An Online Presence

Most important step to build your brand is to create an online presence. You should be available to almost every platform where your targeted audience can be found. From blogs to podcast, Youtube to Instagram you must share your content on every possible platform. Ensure that the name of your brand is not taken on social media and register it quickly. Also, purchase the domain for your website. Optimize your website according to your product or service and make sure you are engaging with your audience.


Building a personal brand will be extremely helpful in the future as big brands will look for people with personal brands for their work. The more followers you have the more work you will get. Below we have provided the list of people who have to build their brand, check and take inspiration from them.

  1. Elon Musk
  2. Gary Vaynerchuk
  3. Charli Marie
  4. Alice Thorpe
  5. Bill Nye
  6. Brian Dean
  7. Tony Robbins
  8. Tim Ferriss
  9. Billie Eilish

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