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CriticaLog: leading logistics partner with an iconic work environment

Inviting new logistic possibilities

CriticaLog: leading logistics partner with an iconic work environment

CriticaLog’s success thrives on skilled professionals having immense industry experience, coupled with uniquely designed processes and technology, driven by customer success. 

Logistics is the backbone of any economy; it delivers an efficacious and cost-effective flow of goods. In India, this industry is progressing swiftly; it is the interplay of infrastructure, modern technology, and contemporary service providers through which the logistics industry is able to support its customers, reduce their costs and provide finest services. Unlike common belief, logistics is a highly technical subject. Availability of skilled & trained manpower is lacking in IT, transportation, warehousing and even at the strategic level. 

An initiative, CriticaLog India is a solution driven express logistics organization, presenting a perfect environment for employee’s learning and growth. It is headquartered at Bangalore and seed funded by Swiss based PE. The company imbibed an open management style, and its leadership team welcomes every team member to take part in the progress of the organization.

CriticaLog is a pioneer in critical and sensitive logistics. The company believes that logistics is all about precision and efficiency, process engineering and data management, relationship and innovation.

To perceive more about CriticaLog and its work environment, the editorial team of Startup City had a conversation with the CEO and Managing Director of the company, Sujoy Guha. 

Here are edited excerpts.

Throw light on CriticaLog offerings and area of expansion.

As the name suggests, we provide customized logistics solutions, optimizing the end-to-end SCM, considering factors like cost, timely transit and solutions to suit specific organizational needs. Our solutions are proven with some of the top-end brands through forward, reverse, strategic stocking, IT integration and various other innovative methods.

We don’t sell. We provide Solutions.

Characterize the company’s overall management style and the interview process.

The senior management team members are from large MNC’s and like openness, transparency, and professionalism displayed in every aspect of the business. Our HR team is mandated to acquire the right talent for each position, to ensure that it replicates in the company’s culture and attitude. We have our stringent intake process where interviews are conducted at multiple levels to create unbiased final opinion.

  • Preliminary interviews through respective functions
  • Selection tests to understand functional capabilities
  • Functional Head and HR interview
  • Meeting CEO or COO, for final selection at mid/senior levels
  • Background verification

Does your company have a stated set of cultural values for employees?

The value system of CriticaLog is based on integrity and transparency – encompassing every activity undertaken by the company. With the foundation laid on happy teammates, we believe in delivering high-quality services consistently with a ‘Customer First’ approach.

Variety in the workforce demands dynamic, versatile and adaptable work environment and our company is committed to providing such an environment to all its team members. Its strong code of ethics and the ability to deliver high-quality service drives responsibility and mutual respect among all its employees.

Do the company’s different departments ever collaborate with one another?

We do conduct cross-departmental inductions and training regularly to ensure that everyone in the organization is on the same page. We have events like family day, regional festivals, secret Santa, fun games etc., organized at regular intervals to encourage intermingling between personnel from various departments and develop close relationships between them.

CriticaLog, from Flying Start to Present-day


  1. Company incorporation with seed funding from Switzerland
  2. Technological footprint & architecture established. In-house ERP for transportation & warehousing developed
  3. Associated with top-end firms for audits, taxation, legal, insurance & other compliances
  4. Unique solution oriented logistical services offered


  1. Strategic Stocking initiated as new revenue vertical
  2. Financial break-even point achieved
  3. Careful and limited entry in high end and complex e-com business
  4. Enhance eCritica so as to customize logistics solutions


  1. Continue to increase geographical spread with 100+ Clients and the team of 200+ teammates
  2. The company is now profitable and capable of running on own steam.
  3. All business development through word of mouth and reference
  4. Products value of INR 300+ Crore carried per month, in a secured environment
  5. Introduced 2 Hr/ 4 Hr delivery and complex “Repair & Return” services.


  1. The operational network covers 8000+ Pin codes. Strong Tier II capabilities with J&K and North-East presence
  2. Forward Stocking Locations (FSL) across the country to serve fast & reliable service for the end customer satisfaction
  3. Strong IT network across the country with CCTV, GPS, security systems etc.
  4. Automation drive in every sphere. 40% consignments booked through Customer Interface technology


  1. IATA, GDP certified; member of TAPA, WCA and trade bodies
  2. First Control Tower set up in Bangalore
  3. All India network – covering more than 14500 Pin Codes
  4. Recipient of multiple awards. ‘Top 10 Best Start-ups in India’, ‘Hot Brands of 2019’, ’10 Most Admired Transport & Logistics Service Providers’ etc.
  5. GST ready with registration in 16 States


  1. Infrastructure augmented with additional capacity across cities
  2. The technology used as a prime catalyst for solution building. All pick-up & deliveries through Android handsets for real-time visibility
  3. Recognized by Govt. TDS Dept. for timely payment of taxes
  4. Initiated international logistics business

What does it take for someone to be successful here?

Hard work and smart work! As we are people and process driven organization, we expect our people to be proactive and bring in optimization at every level. People should be acceptable to change and adapt quickly to the changing world of digitization without missing on humanization.  

How do you help other employees find their greatness and recognise their achievements? 

Individuals are encouraged to make decisions. Errors are considered as a shared responsibility, as long as they are not repetitive. Individual initiatives are recognized instantly, through monthly/quarterly programs and through annual appraisals. Individuals are encouraged to follow “Never say never” policy, which facilitates the close relationship between the team members.

Organization’s support in employee’s development

CriticaLog supports employees through the following steps:

  • Internal Job Vacancies
  • Functional and behavioural training.
  • Coaching and mentoring by senior team members
  • Encouraging team members to attend seminars, professional gatherings etc.
  • Providing support for higher studies

Employees’ Work-Life Balance

We are a small team and are able to leverage significant efficiency due to higher deployment of technology and by bringing passion to our work. While making our workplace happier and fun-filled, we also make sure every team member spends quality time in his/her personal capacity and do not get bogged down with workload.

How do you encourage the balance in the Office?

We focus on individual and team deliverables rather than time spent in the office. This outlook allows us to schedule flexibility.

What are the events and parties the company host for employees?

  • Birthday Celebrations
  • Celebrations during Christmas, Holi, Diwali, and other festivals
  • Periodic family outings – in larger locations
  • A celebration of achievements – milestones, acquisition of large customers, end of training program etc.    

Future Plans

We plan to build a sustainable national and international network for critical logistics while continuing to add value to all customers. Automation of processes through the incessant deployment of IT, making CriticaLog a great place to work, bringing in higher than normal return on investments – will keep us busy in the coming years. 

Dynamic Leadership

Sujoy Guha

 CEO and MD

Sujoy has more than two decades of experience in the industry. He is an excellent business leader and with his long-standing team, delivers superior performance consistently. With his unmatchable leadership ability and skilled management team, Sujoy drives the organization to be the best in class, develops and nurtures talent and ensures consistent profitability.

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