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Dayanand Singh: a diligent attorney, taking Indian law beyond conflicts with Vidhi Associates

Dayanand Singh: a diligent attorney, taking Indian law beyond conflicts with Vidhi Associates

Dayanand Singh is known as the trailblazer of the Indian law. With his intelligence and flexible approach, Dayanand is leaving his marks in a different sphere of law and practice.

Indian law has emerged from religious regulation to the modern constitutional and legal system we have today, traversing through secular legal systems and the common law. From an artifice of the colonial masters, the Indian legal system has developed as an indispensable element of the world’s largest democracy and a crucial front in the battle to secure constitutional rights for every citizen. Although more than 30 Million pending cases in the country show the laziness of the law in the country, yet the establishment of various law firms is working to disrupt the redundant legal tech segment and bring in the much-needed revolution.

And, amongst these innovative firms, Vidhi Associates is one that aims to infuse technological advancements in legal consultancy. It has been established in 2005 by, Dayanand Singh. And, within five years of existence it started providing services including consultancy, Drafting, Legal Research work, Legal Opinion, Due Diligence, Title verification, Labour Law Compliance and has been looking after civil, criminal, Consumer cases, arbitration and Writ matters of many reputed companies of various sectors Pan India along with handling matrimonial and other personal law matters at individual front.

While dealing with the legal hurdles, Dayanand Singh found great complexities in the system and decided to fill up the vacuum, which eventually inspired him to establish Vidhi. Dayanand Singh is a Litigation Lawyer with an experience of over 20 years since 1999 in all branches of litigation. His area of practice includes civil, Criminal, Corporate & Writ Matters.

Dayanand Singh is the First Generation advocate. He obtained his Law degree from Campus Law Centre, DU and Graduation and post-graduation in History from Kirorimal College. He enrolled as an Advocate of the Bihar State Bar Council, Patna in the year 1999.

In an interview with the Startup City, Dayanand Singh shared some of the insights behind setting Vidhi Associates as a trademark in the market and his professional journey.

Here are the edited excerpts.

What prompted you to make this choice and initiate Vidhi Associates?

As there was no law firm in Patna to cater to the needs of the corporate sector and commercial litigation, it encouraged me to inaugurate a law firm. I wished to form a team, which can cater to the requirements of clients promptly and can be a one-stop solution for all legal impediments of the companies and hence led to the foundation of Vidhi Associates.

What un-paragoned approach do you bring with your firm?

Our Endeavour is to provide best services to our client for that we are constantly evolving ourselves as per the need of each of our client after getting continuous feedback from them.  We aspire to become at par with the top tier law firms, and therefore, we are evolving and leaving no stone unturned to reach the highest benchmark in terms of skill development and technology.

Does the law vary from sector to sector? Do the legal questions facing different industries differ and how do you take them on?

Yes, the law is different for different sectors, though certain laws are central and therefore have universal applicability.  We have separate teams for different sectors e.g. insurance sector, banking sector, due diligence, NBFC, telecom, e-commerce, matrimony and other personal laws which renders quality services to the companies and individual clients.

In your eventful journey, what have been the opportunities and the challenges?

First of all, it was challenging to gain the faith of clients in the initial days of the career.  It took a lot of uphill battle to unfold the required skill and develop a result-oriented approach.  Second thing is that the firm is Bihar based, so clients commenced with negative perception and it took time to break that image with our constant performance and on time services that eventually gave us a lot of opportunities to excel and now we are looking after legal matters Pan India with 6 Offices at Patna, 1 office at Ranchi and about 500 plus counsel spread all across India.

How do you achieve the work-life balance?

The thin line between seeking personal, professional and monetary achievements is a dicey one. Though, I have learned to balance it with a dose of stoic philosophy and by taking every opportunity to make my work more interesting and personable. At the same time, it’s also essential to have a clear transition between the workplace and home. So, I take extra caution to not allow my workplace and personal issues and challenges to mingle.

Most notable issue handled by the firm

We have worked on a dispute over infringement of trademarks and insolvency matters for renowned Indian Cricketer Mr. M.S. Dhoni and also has decade long legal association with many reputed companies of India.

Present your perspective on the Indian legal system and its complications.

Indian legal system, like so many other things in India, is a paradox in its own right. This organic system has given us many reasons to be proud of, by giving progressive landmark decisions which would benefit an entire generation. At the same time, the troubling situation of under-trial prisoners and pending cases is something which has prevailed since years. Although progress is being made and I am proud of being a small part of the change.

What is your take on legal education in India?

Since the advent of CLAT, A major step towards specialization in legal education has been taken that would support in creating niche fields and experts associated with it. The establishment of leading universities have become a cornerstone of quality education, and the future looks bright with the traditional spoiled image of the profession being revamped.

The problems, which remain are not particular to the legal education but to the entire Indian education system- Lack of research culture, the rat race of market, teaching is still considered a backup career option are just a few problems which plague the education system. 

How is a day in the life of your career look like?

My day in the office starts with planning my daily routine and preparing a checklist. Then I visit Court in order to appear in the matters listed on that day.  Eventually, I return back to the office and have a session with my associates and discuss critical matters and also attend meetings with my clients.

Forthcoming Plans of Vidhi Associates

We are planning and working to expand our team for looking after M&A and NCLT matters. Also, we are contemplating to open a branch office in Mumbai.

Message for Law Students and Lawyers

Work hard and there is no short cut to success in the legal profession.

Dynamic Leadership

Anil Kumar

Joint Partner

Anil Kumar is Partner of Vidhi Associates. Anil is a Litigation Lawyer with experience over a period of Six Years in all branches of litigation since 2010. Anil has pursued his Law Degree from Bihar Institute of Law, Patna after completing his B.A (Hons) in Philosophy. He enrolled as an Advocate of the Bihar State Bar Council, Patna in the Year 2010.

Pallavi Trivedi

Joint Partner

Pallavi Trivedi is the youngest Partner of Vidhi Associates. She is a Litigation Lawyer with more than 6 years of experience in all branches of litigation. She has obtained her Law degree from Symbiosis Law School, Pune in the Year 2009 and MBA from ICFAI Business School, Hyderabad in the Year 2011. She enrolled as an Advocate of the Bihar State Bar Council, Patna in the year 2013.

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