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The prosperity and success of a nation largely depends on the entrepreneurial opportunities available in the country. These days, many countries are coming forward to boost start-up culture and buzzing right with entrepreneurial creativity and dynamism from internet and gaming enterprises to new businesses launching that are focused on saving lives and protecting the environment. But some nations are leading the helm and counted among the ‘best countries for start-ups’.

Here, ‘the best nations for entrepreneurs or start-ups’ do not necessarily have the largest economies. The major factors to determine the most favourable country for budding startups include the number of procedures necessary to start a business, injectable venture capital, the cost of things, national income, per capita income, flexibility of starting a business and many more.

Here we are presenting a list of some of the most attractive nations for emerging startups:

Germany- Country of Several Business Hubs

With the world’s fourth-largest economy, Germany holds the first position when it comes to the best countries for entrepreneurship. The country’s mix of transparent business culture, highly educated workforce, as well as start-up-friendly policies, pushed the country to the top of the index. Unlike other countries where a single city is an economic hub, Germany has various business hubs like Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, and Munich. No doubt, the country does have some challenges for new business owners, mainly its complex tax code but still it is on the top.

Japan- A Paradox of the Business World

One of the world’s best-educated and technologically advanced countries, Japan is highly attractive to entrepreneurs. It has long been a paradox in the business world, where a traditionally risk-averse culture has also spawned world-changing innovation. While people here once preferred to do work in big multinational companies for lifelong employment. The present generation is going towards smaller and more entrepreneurial companies. The economy’s heart is in Tokyo has plenty of international opportunities for people to be involved and connected to each other. Apart from its ranking on entrepreneurial career, the country is going on a higher range as one of the places where people live the longest.

United States- A Leading Hub of Innovation

The United States has been a leading hub of innovation and entrepreneurial activity, mainly its world-famous Silicon Valley. Unlike in many other cultures, here failure does not frown but is looked on as a learning experience. Entrepreneurs get encouragement to take risks and test the status quo. There are many mentors who are happy to support emerging business owners. Hiring can be tough in this competitive market. Yet, it is among the best countries for entrepreneurship.

United Kingdom- The Strong Business Community Holder

The United Kingdom is considered as a great place to start a business with its low barriers to entry and strong business community and talent. Although, there are some uncertainties around the future of Britain’s trade relationship with Europe. The government has been working to make the process smooth. Currently, the government is trying to lure entrepreneurs and investors by introducing an entirely new type of visa, created for prospective entrepreneurs in the year 2011. Foreign entrepreneurs and investors can easily settle in the UK in as little as two years; it depends on how much money they can inject into the economy, compared to the minimum five years of other visas. The community mainly in London plays a major role in start-up success, as it is easy to hire the right talent, and face-to-face business meetings are a breeze to set up.

Switzerland- Highly-Skilled and Highly-Educated Workforce

One of the world’s wealthiest countries, Switzerland is in the top five because of its highly-skilled and highly-educated workforce. With low corporate taxes, easy access to capital and a well-developed legal framework, the country highly fascinates entrepreneurs. The country has traditionally had a robust financial sector, with compliance and expedient government regulation at its core. Though the extremely high cost of living here is painful for newcomers, seasoned entrepreneurs. The central location with Europe means locals can also take regular advantage of fast and cheap flights across the continent for weekend getaways.

Sweden- Business-Friendly Environment

The Scandinavian state ranks on a higher position for transparency of its business practices and for its highly-educated workforce. The business-friendly environment, cultural influence, quality of life and retiring comfortably mainly attract the start-ups here. Sweden might not on the top for funding side, but is certainly is the start-up point of some major former start-up unicorns like Truecaller or Spotify.

Canada- Headquarter for the Raising Corporate Culture

The second-largest country in the world after Russia, Canada is among the most business-friendly countries for entrepreneurship. Here, society has the modern and high quality of life, green living, education, women and most forward-looking countries that make it headquarter for the raising corporate.

So these are the best countries that are on the leading positions in the best places for entrepreneurs. Apart from the above names many nations are on the way to listing their names in this list.

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