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Doctor’s Day: a day to glorify and honour doctors for their unconditional efforts


Doctor’s Day: a day to glorify and honour doctors for their unconditional efforts

The appearance of the doctor is the starting of the cure”. A specific day is hence celebrated every year on July 1 as Doctor’s Day to appreciate the contributions of doctors’ human service to mankind.

Doctors are like an angel, who gives us new life. In India, doctors are given god-like status. Because they save people’s lives and keep the pain away from their body. Great doctors understand the true worth and value of the profession that they have chosen and go in all ways to support patients. A doctor’s profession is not only very demanding but it is also very risky; it is a work on which lives of the patients depends. People respect doctors and even see them as God’s incarnation on earth mainly when the lives of their loved on ones depend on them.

 National Doctor’s Day is precisely meant to honor and thank them. It is commemorated in the memory of Dr Bidhan Chandra Roy and pay honor to the whole medical profession. It shows the value that doctors hold in our lives, and this day is meant to pay them respect for their selfless service.

In India, this day has been celebrated for years by the government and non-government healthcare organizations.  Various types of programs are organized across the country like  free medical checkup camps, general screening test camps, consultation workshops, and more. Many school and college organize different activities to encourage students to take up the medical profession. People greet their doctors by giving greeting cards, gifts, bouquets, to doctors.

We often forget how important, precious and necessary good doctors are – that is until we get ill or sustain an injury. Doctor’s Day brings hard-working and dedicated doctors in the spotlight and inspires us to be thoughtful of the long hours they serve, their compassion, and the effort they put into practicing medicine.

As famously said that when we are in tears, we require a shoulder. When we are in pain, we want medicine. But when we are in tragedy, we need doctors. Doctors are essential part of life’ thank them for your contributions.