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Don’t let the team building activitiesspoiling bugs bite your organization!!


Don’t let the team building activitiesspoiling bugs bite your organization!!

How to get out of team building activities’….Got muddled? Employees are the assets of every organization and it is their hard work which makes an organization stand ahead of the curve. H.E. Luccock once quoted, “No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it.” Attempts done by a single team member goes unnoticed which makes team work and team building as an essential factor to make the organization a better place to work and ensure good productivity.  Team Building activities bring employees closer and helps employees feel more engaged within the organization.Team building continues to be a strong industry trend, and activities that include unique ways to motivate, inspire, and build camaraderie with colleagues Team building are growing with time.

Appallingly, a recent study presented a shocking rise in the employees’ count who hates team building activities! Now look back at the first line of the editorial again. Have you ever stop and wonder what makes some people hate team building activities so much?

A lot of time and efforts are put up in organizing team building activities for encouraging employees. These low in magnitude problems can’t be ignored. Presented below are few reasons increasing enmity for team building activities and how you can tackle them to ensure a fruitful team building session:

‘Upgrade them from a sheer waste of time to something productive’

Some workaholics consider team building activities as resentment in the work place which leads to negative morale of the hard-working people. Instead of taking a day off they feel good in giving that monthly target an ending touch.

Tobridge the gap and create an environment ofcomradeship, the best way is to draw a parallel line between working and complimentary hours. Organize team building activities when there is minimal or no work pressure assisting with shorter team building events. Team building activities should be designed both for groups that already know each other well and groups that don’t know each other at all connecting and customized with their comfort level.

‘Replace same old repeated stuff with brand new ideas and creativity’

Think about wearing the same color every day or eating the same dish again n again. It’s boring and monotonous. Participating in the same activities make employees feel humdrum team building activities a jaw breaking job.

Instead, organizations should opt for something different every time taking into account the age range and physical abilities of the group and ensure the activities are suitable for them. For instance, why settle for a cubicle when you can brainstorm your employees amidst nature? Corporate outings are one of the best ways to foster great working relationships, CSR activities are the top picks among employees.  Organizing a group volunteer initiative as an off-site team building event not only benefits the employees, but the community too.

‘Entertainment is the key’

Entertainment entertainmententertainment. Make your team building activities so interesting and unique that it becomes apple of their eyes. Standup comedy, dance and good music is all what it takes.

Team building is therefore an ongoing process.

When you plan team activities, you are laying the groundwork for a great recruiting program, investing in retaining your best employees, and bringing happiness to your friends at work. Team building motivates employees to work more efficiently and gives them a sense of belonging towards the company. A strong team will deliver excellent results in the long run and team outings aim to do just that.

Don’t let those droopy shoulders hang roam around in the office. Pep up and step up with some creative and great ideas. Room Escape, Puzzle Break, AdventureRooms and many more have become a wildly popular team-building exercise for groups around the globe. Karaoke is the new addition in the group. And if you want to indulge physical fitness too, then Round up the team and head out to a sports game. Results will be nice and refreshed employees after some fresh air and fun challenges.

New bee in the town- Improv events

These comedy events are fun and interactive experiences leaving employees roaring with laughs and giggles while teaching them useful communication and soft skills, like focus and trust.

One more thing, no matter whatever you opt for team building activities, always ask your employees to take lots of silly pictures thus capturing memories and making the bond stronger.

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