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Emerging Analytics Startups in India in 2020


Emerging Analytics Startups in India in 2020

India is gradually becoming the hub for growing start-ups as the numbers of small businesses established in the last couple of years are phenomenal. With a strong entrepreneurial ecosystem, many startup founders have come up with unique and innovative solutions. Quickly rising in this ecosystem are analytics startups. 

Various analytics start-ups are working in the area of fashion, agriculture, emotional intelligence; hybrid TV powered by AI, healthcare, real estate, facilitating lending decisions, voice-based solutions and several more. While numerous start-ups have risen in the last few years, here are 5 emerging analytics start-ups that you should watch in the year 2020: 

  1. Zendrive 

Founders – Jonathan Matus and Pankaj Risbood are the founders of Zendrive, they were co-workers at Wallmart Labs, Google and Facebook. 

About Zendrive 

Zendrive provides analytics-based solutions by analysing the behaviour of drivers, road risks and reduce crashes. They have analyzed over 160 billion miles of driving data to save money as well as lives for travel management companies, insurance companies and the consumers. They have built a unique AI-powered tech-support for transport industry, insurance companies, automobile firms and consumers which gives them an actionable insight about the behaviour of the driver on the road to make sure a secure and comfortable ride. 

Zendrive provides a driver behaviour analytics solution to all customers. Their mobile application analyses various driving events like rapid acceleration, hard turns, hard braking, over-speeding and risky use of phone. After analyzing, their algorithm gives a safety score for the driver. 

Growth Story 

From the last couple of years, Zendrive has been working with various clients including HopSkipDrive, Fleetio, GasBuddy, BoosterFuels and EverTransit. 

  • vPhrase

Founders – Neerav Parekh is the founder of vPhrase who has massive experience in technology, marketing and finance.

About vPhrase

The company has its AI platform that analyses data and give insights into multiple languages. They automate information and generate reports using their various products like:

  • Phrazor: It is a customizable and self-service natural language generation platform which configure and generates customized reports within a few seconds. 
  • Explorazor: This service helps them to analyze and frame the uploaded data. It also generates information detects outliers, anomalies and offers a deep analysis of the available data. 
  • BI Dashboard: It is a plugin that provides commentary management on Tableau or Qlik. This makes the dashboard easier to understand. 

Growth story 

This startup is growing rapidly, it has already served clients like HDFC Securities, Star India, Kotak Bank, ICICI Lombard Insurance, and Abbott Pharma. With the help of Fidelity International and OCBC, they are now expanding internationally. 

  • Spoonshot

Founders – Sai Sreenivas Kodur and Kishan Vasani who were an employee at Zomato and Just Eat respectively founded this company. 

About Spoonshot

This company was started with an aim to build a personalized food searching app for Indian population and was named dishq (dish + Ishq). They wanted to make the ordering of food more visually and emotionally appealing to the consumer. Later they change their name to Spoonshot as they shifted their focus to B2B market. They use food science to bring out relevant information which is personalised to every user. Their insights allow users to make quick and quantitative decision.

Growth story

They have seen a steady growth in the development of product and creating solutions that are helpful in the food industry. Their main focus is on developing ‘Spoonshot Genesis’ which will be a private beta stage. 

  • BDB

Founders – Avin Jain, Anoop VP and Vishal Venugopal founded BDB as an end-to-end data and analytics platform powered by AI. 

About BDB

BDB platform has brought analytics and data in the hands of every single person; this has made the workflow smoother for users like business leaders, data scientists and to those who need it. They are working in various sectors like retail, life science, education, BFSU and other 10 domains. 

For small and medium businesses they have a cloud-based SaaS analytics called Yujaa which offers them a 360-degree view of their business. Yujaa offers solutions that are affordable and accessible.

Growth story 

BDB is growing rapidly because of its on-cloud and on-premise solutions. In the last four years, they have earned more than $8 million and worked with different companies in different industries like enterprise customers, SMEs and many others. 

  • Pisquare

Founders – Chinmay Pradhan and Rojalin Biswal founded Pisquare as they have a vast experience of more than 15 years in management consultant and data analytics.

About Pisquare

In the beginning, they started as Arima Research in the year 2014 and now they work under the brand name of Pisquare.  They are partners with various companies to change their decision-making ecosystem with the correct blend of planning and analytical information. They have created a springboard for businesses with the help of their analytics and visualisation. They have several partners around the globe to enhance their supply chain, delivery, customer engagement, marketing & sales and talent for better performance. Their products are designed for the area of talent analytics, customer analytics and operations in the IT/ITES sector. 

Growth story 

Within a couple of years of launching Pisquare, they have already worked with huge clients like Capita Plc, Tata Capital, Powerschool, major banks, Dell, Mahindra Finance, Sunlife, Transport department and various insurance companies. 

Bottom line

India is rapidly becoming the hub for emerging start-ups and with this technological boom, many innovative and interesting products and services are entering into the market that is going to change how we do business.

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