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Enjoy your Christmas in your own way but don`t forget the person who need you

Now, in next 50 hours, we are going to celebrate years last but a global festival. As same in last year there is a plan to go out & celebrate it with my family members & friends.

Since last 14 years I have been celebrating Christmas with my friends and enjoying the full party and come back with some gifts which are given by Santa Claus to entertain us. Apart from the entertainment, I haven`t got any value addition in my personal, social and professional life. Again on 25th of December, I will get the invitation; I will go for celebrations with my family and will come back with a good gift for my child.

This year I have changed my mind, instead of taking gift, I will make myself a Santa Claus and attend to the places especially rural areas, where no celebration happened since last few years. I will buy some fruits, sweets, stationary like books, pen pencil etc. I will educate children about the value of education and parents about the importance of it. I will organize this program in any primary school of that village. Will make the students to perform with their talents and get the prizes and will distribute the gifts to all.

I am sure, it will help those students to enjoy the day with full entertainment and I will get the self satisfaction of enjoying the Christmas. It will not only help me to get blessings but also help me to get connected to the every person of that village.

I request you to enjoy your Christmas in the same way; if you are student you can contribute and bless a person with their daily edibles and clothes. If you are corporate bless someone who is looking for their basic requirement and if you are employee, go to old age homes and distribute fruits to the parents who are missing their children.

Enjoy your Christmas in your own way but don`t forget the person who need you.

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