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FDI – Business or Game


FDI – Business or Game

Online market is on boom right now, and growing consecutively with the growth of more than 300% per year. The two things which buyers look while doing online purchase are good price & good service.

But, what is the real game going on at the back screen, we need to understand, the reality.

Suppose, there are some retailers, as per the business law, they should do the business ethically. Let`s consider base price of a product is  ‘X’, but few companies are selling the same product at much lower than the base price (X). Definitely the buyers will go to retailers which are giving lesser price; surely it will affect the market.

The companies which are selling the products on much lesser price, are recently got funded from the foreign companies.

What will be the effect?

Since the buyers only bother about the economic price, therefore they are going to buy from the retailers who are giving the same product for less. If the same scenario is going on then, after 3-5 years that is sure, then other retailers are not going to exist.

This unethical business observed by many retailers & after a good research Mr. Hari Rastogi a Bangalore seller of electronic products, recently started a protest against this unethical business by started a website named & getting very good support from the retailers across the India.