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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I submit my article?

In order to submit an article on Startup City Magazine, you need to send your article to the mail ID [email protected].

Do I have to pay to get my article published?

No, it is completely free. You don’t need to pay us to get your content published on Startup City.

Do I receive any payment for my sent content?

No, Startup city is a free service. We do not pay for the submitted content.

Do you limit the number of articles submitted?

There is no limit.

What should I write about?

Startup City is eagerly looking to you for ideas about what you think our readers will be interested in. As an expert in your particular business area, we encourage you to share your insight and knowledge to support our readers grows their own business; besides, you can also write on some general topics.

How long does it take my content to get published?

Our editorial team will review the article before publishing it. Usually, contents published within 5 working days. Sometimes we get a high number of submissions so it may take more than 5 days to review your articles.

How can I report copyright violations for the article published at the Startup City website?

You can easily contact us with all the supporting documents or any other evidence.

If I submit a guest post, is it guaranteed to get published?

We want to publish as many quality articles as we can, but we cannot assure you that we will publish your content. Our team holds the right to refuse any article that does not meet our guidelines. If you follow our guidelines, you increase the probability that it will be published.