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Global Moment to Honour the Lifetime Dedication and Accomplishment of Nelson Mandela


Nelson Mandela International Day

Global Moment to Honour the Lifetime Dedication and Accomplishment of Nelson Mandela

18 July is marked as the Nelson Mandela International Day every year, it was launched in the recognition of Nelson Mandela’s birthday on 18 July 2009 by the UN General Assembly. It was inspired by a call Nelson Mandela made a year before, for the next generation to take on the leadership responsibility in tackling the world’s social injustices when he said, “ now, it is in your hands”.

Nelson Mandela was an iconic personality of South Africa; he was honored with many awards and accolades for his accomplishment and contribution. Mandela was a human rights lawyer, a prisoner of conscience, and a global peacemaker.  And, the most important he was the first democratically elected president of a free South Africa.

Mandela sanctified his entire life to bring happiness and freedom in the world.  As per the statement made by the Nelson Mandela Foundation, Mandela gave his 67 years fighting for human rights.  United Nations General Assembly started Mandela Day to celebrate his life and motivate people to spend atleast 67 minutes of their time supporting others and for the welfare of people and the community. Mandela Day celebration is based on the belief that each person has the potential to create a tremendous change in the world and the ability to make an impact.

How do People Celebrate?

Mandela Day is more than a commemoration of Mandela’s life and legacy, it is a universal movement to appreciate and honor his lifetime dedication to shape the world for the better. The day inspires people to embrace Mandela’s values like justice, liberty, equality, and diversity.

This day, people and organizations across the world participate in numerous activities to promote Nelson Mandela Day and Mandela’s incomparable values. These activities incorporate volunteering, art, education, programs and many more. Multifarious events are organized on or around July 18 to commemorate this day and promote the different projects that were inspired by Mandela’s achievements. Each person can make a small change, and when we all make small transformations by our side, we collectively can make the world better.

Mandela famously said, “everyone can rise above their conditions and accomplish success if they are dedicated and passionate about what they do.”