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How to get featured in Business Magazines


How to get featured in Business Magazines

To get featured in a magazine or a blog can drive a lot of traffic and sales to your business. Getting featured in a business magazine is proven to be the best method to bring customers at your stores but it is hard for start-ups to get featured in any publications as they don’t know the process. Here is the process that every start-up can follow to get featured in a media publication.

  • Build a Foundation

Beginning is always the most difficult part but once you get started, it will look much easier. Before getting featured into any business magazine you need to have a solid business model.

Build a presence on different online channel and publish high – quality content consistently related to your service and industry. These platforms will serve as a portfolio for your business and will give you an audience to start with.

  • Go Social

Having large social media followers will get you close to the editor of the publication. Take support from the social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and many and start publishing your content, reach out to social media influencers as it will help you to engage with your targeted audience. 

It is not easy to build a good social presence but it is not that hard either. If you can create good content and have a handsome amount of money, it will take around six months to build a good following on social media. 

  • Start with Local

After having a blog that offers high – quality content and have at least a few thousand followers who are active you can contact the local publications in your niche to get featured.

At this stage reaching out to the most popular business magazines might be very hard for you but if your work is published in few local publications then you can use them as your portfolio which will help you to get closer to the major magazines. So go local and think global.

Use Twitter or LinkedIn to contact editors of your targeted publications.

  • Expand and Grow

Once you get featured in different local publications, increase the standards of your work. Start publishing high – quality on your blog more frequently and engage with your audience through social media. This will help you to build authority.

Keep on developing your relationship with the publishers you already worked with and begun to reach out to leading media publications. This will take time and you might face a lot of rejections, but this is the only way so keep on trying with better pitches.

  • Make personalize pitches

Once you are well established and have a loyal audience, you can start pitching to the major publication leaders in the market

Do not make pitches that will sound like you are asking for some kind of favour, instead create a pitch that will favour the publisher. Give value to that publication by creating content that will be loved by their readers and will bring more social shares to their page. 

Best Business Magazine for Budding Entrepreneurs

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