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How to make your free website to 150 dollar per day earning source?


How to make your free website to 150 dollar per day earning source?

If you are looking to build your online website it is quite easy and any one can have it in just one day. But, if you want that your website should earn for you, it takes lots of efforts, patience and creativity.

If you think that you are a good writer surely you should start your own blog or website, wherein you can write your articles, thoughts, learning’s and you can share your experience with your friends, colleagues and share with them socially on various social networks.

I am writing important points that you should keep in your mind while writing articles in your blog.

  1. You have to maintain the quality of your articles, if your articles are not beneficial or convincing to your audience they won`t come to your blog again.
  2. You need to write the article directly related to the name of your blog. For example; if your blog name related to poem writing then your articles should be poems or the knowledge directly or indirectly related to poems.
  3. You need to update your content regularly. As you are writing your own blog, your audience is expecting some new things on a daily basis.
  4. You should make your blog more informative on a particular subject. If you have the good and informative content it will give the answers of your audience queries. If they are satisfied from your blog, they will recommend the same to their colleagues as well.
  5. You should always categorize the content in the specific categories. As you read any book, the full book is divided into different chapters, in the same way you need to differentiate your blog into various categories.
  6. While writing an article you have to very clear about the grammar and the simplicity of the words used in the content. Your focus on the selection of the words should be very specific and words used in the article should be very simple. You should not use typical words, which are difficult to understand from your audience prospective.
  7.  This is the most important point you should keep in your mind, that you should not copy and paste the content of any other website in your blog, if you are doing the same then the search engine will finds the duplicate content then they will penalize your blog, means all search engines will black list your blog on the internet. So, you should make sure whatever the content you are writing in your blog that should be original content.
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