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Indian research scholars are fighting for their respect

Today every student wants to take admission in the highest ranked colleges in India. When we talk about the IIM`s, IIT`s then it’s a dream for everyone. When any student passes nearby from IIT`s, IIM campus they respect the institute and their students.

But now a days the scenario is something different, Indian highest technical institutes (IIT’s, NIT’s, IIIT’s, IISc, IISER etc) which are well known for their scientific research work are now in news for some other reason, these institutes are going through various protest conducted by research scholars against the blind attitude of government towards the demands of research scholars.

Main issues which were demanded by RSI (research scholar of India) are, Co-ordination and parity between the funding agencies for hike, Promised scholarship hike from April 2014, Irregular dispersal of monthly scholarship, Employment opportunities for PhD scholars, Transparency and proper platform to appoint scientist and faculties.

To know more about ongoing protests we would like to connect you to their face book group, here is a link:

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