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Mallika Bajaj: the leading lady, digitalizing business world with immortalizing ideas

Mallika Bajaj: the leading lady, digitalizing business world with immortalizing ideas

Every brand has a story, a story that defines it. Little Yellow Beetle aims to be everyone’s favorite storyteller.

There was a time when women were considered no match for all powerful men in this world. The new generation has overcome all negative notions and has proved themselves in all spheres of life including the business world. Presently, India has a large pool of talented women entrepreneurs who have created a mark for themselves in the country as well as Overseas. They have embraced and established their own venture with their hard work and dedication.  Mallika Bajaj is one of the superwomen; she is connecting India to the world with her business venture. Mallika initiated Little Yellow Beetle in 2014 in order to support brands to communicate and digitally globally. Today, the company is one of India’s first 360-degree media solutions digital studios with 80+ expert professionals. The company, as a concept, is the perfect amalgamation of the two. It combines excellent communication with immaculate aesthetics. And using that to tell the clients’ stories to their audience is what the team strives to do each day.

Mallika is heading the company well, and besides, founder she is also the CMO of the company. In academic, Malika holds masters in Media & Communication, from Goldsmiths, University of London and graduation in Media & Communications from the University of Melbourne.

To further gain insight, we spoke to Mallika Bajaj, who is successfully leading the company towards higher latitude. Here are the edited excerpts.

Where does your interest in entrepreneurship come from – how did you start?

Having worked extensively with media giants like the Hindustan Times (MINT LIVE), NewsX, BBC London, ABC Australia to name a few, equipped with my masters from what they call it, the mecca of media in Europe, I was ready to curate custom communication and code it to help my country scale up a few points within the platform economy.  Our USP as a country is our numbers. It’s the content we create on an everyday basis, within each genre and when we started LYB before we knew it this content was reaching the masses, taking us that much are closer to our team dream of a digital India.

Give us insights into the major offerings of the company. And, how does the company support people with its offerings?

We design. We digitize. Give us anything – an idea, product, skill training, person, brand, furniture, automobile, sports academy, rockets, rice, healthcare, hats, mugs, real estate, robots, wedding cards, anything, we will design it for you. Once the design is done, we digitize it, for the world to consume. Our other services include:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Applications
  • Websites
  • e-courses
  • Online classrooms

What makes your company stand out in the market?

As a digital native, LYB understands the digital age customer. Our forte lies in understanding the power of networks and the path to purchase. We understand that every story is unique, and we narrate it. Our internal strength lies in connecting big data demand & supply; the offline to the online & vice versa.

How do women feel in the male-dominated industry? Have you experienced a different attitude because of gender?

Apart from a very small segment of men not knowing where the women’s washroom is, or assuming I will make the coffee in a board room, get married and quite soon, or just staring, sometimes, like I am in the wrong place, all of which we have learned to become oblivious too. I reckon more men have helped me than those who haven’t. Having been an ex-tennis player, I feel like being at work is like playing a game of tennis; once you’re on the court, you are going hit the ball and keep it in play. Accounts, tax, and paperwork have never spared me, much like the men in the industry given my gender. The anxiety of another client, work ethic, integrity or panic alarms to a deadline no known gender”.

What do you think is the toughest problem for businesswomen?

I would imagine the same as being a businessman? I don’t think it’s fair to create separate panels for women or pre-fix woman on anything to make it sound like CSR. That is my only problem with gender in the industry. If I win an award, I win an award in my category of skills. We’re all out there to do business; we’re all competing in the same pool of clients, and when I get an account or lose one should primarily numbers and not the gender that decides my fate. Or at least, that’s how I’ve been trained to work my brain to go past my gender, in any sphere in my life.

How does the life of an entrepreneur look like?

It’s much harder than how our idols in the industry make it seem. It includes teamwork, coupled with unending learning and upgrading skill sets to continue to stay relevant.  There are no set work hours. There are very little Sundays. Endless idea’s playing in our brains ALL the time which we can’t wait to translate to life, which may sometimes make us look like zombies from another planet, but we love our work so much and stick to it through thick and thin literally, day in and out and wait for those smiles we manage to put on the faces of our clients.

Who are your clients? How do you keep your clients happy and satisfied?

We have clients from different parts of the country as well as abroad. We keep clients delight with our commitment, we never promise more than we can deliver, and we always deliver more than we promise.

Accolades and Awards

  • Best digital media Agency in Gurgaon
  • 100 Most Powerful CMO Asia
  • Women Super Achiever, World CSR Summit

Future Plan

Spread our wings and conquer each brand, one flap at a time. We want India to conquer and dominate global digital communication. We will continue to introduce and build brands, products, innovations, and data.

Words of Wisdom

Each one of us has our own paths and journeys, and own obstacles we must overcome and experience, though the one thing that has worked for me, has been, to be myself. Wear blinders, choose the people you work with, very carefully and then the clients you choose to represent even more responsibly; honor your ethics and principles first, and then give it your best shot; follow your heart, the money comes in eventually. 

Dynamic Leadership

Pallavi Bajaj

Managing Director

 Pallavi Bajaj is positioned as Managing Director at the company. She has also been working as an International Trade Policy Consultant for 12 years. Pallavi is an outstanding personality and holds great market knowledge. She is an alumnus of the University of Bern, where she did Masters in Law and Economics.

Abha Bajaj


The Little Yellow Bettle is touching the sky of success under the excellent guidance of Abha Bajaj. She has spent nearly two decades as an educator, with young children, and in life skills development. She is also a trained musician and artist. Therefore, she understands the significance of good aesthetics, and good communication, individually well.

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