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Marketing on TikTok | Complete Guide for Startups

Marketing on TikTok | Complete Guide for Startups

If you haven’t heard about the buzz of TikTok then you might be living like a caveman. TikTok contains easy-to-consume content which is being watched by millions of people every day, this is why it is simple to understand why there’s a growing buzz about TikTok ads.

If you haven’t heard about the buzz of TikTok then you might be living like a caveman. TikTok contains easy-to-consume content which is being watched by millions of people every day, this is why it is simple to understand why there’s a growing buzz about TikTok ads.

It has more than 500 million active users around the world therefore; it is a great platform to market your products and services on it. But is it even possible to advertise on it as a small business? If you are excited about this new platform but don’t know where to start from, we’ve got you covered. We have researched and put together a guide so that you can understand how to do marketing on TikTok. Read and learn about the new social media platform TikTok and how businesses can use them for their advantages.

What is TikTok?

It is a new social media platform that allows its users to create short videos with various music and custom-made soundtracks. Perfect for widespread use, while users can simply passively browse TikTok, scrolling and watching other users’ content without contributing, the app has also made it incredibly easy for its users to create videos. 

But before we jump into the app’s features, you might be wondering where TikTok even came from? Its journey to worldwide popularity is an interesting one. The app is owned by “ByteMedia”, who first launched a Chinese version of the app called ‘Douyin´ in September 2016. TikTok is running on the same software as Douyin and after the company acquired lip-syncing app in August 2018, it gained popularity quickly. 

As the platform is gaining massive attention some of the TikTok users are getting worldwide popularity. In September 2019, NFL signed a multi-year contract with some TikTok users to share highlights and behind the scenes videos. Well, there are few famous personalities and groups on this platform like Gary Vaynerchuk, a Korean boy band, Will Smith and The Washington Post. 

How to use TikTok for Marketing?

TikTok has been in the market since 2018 therefore it is still fresh in the world of advertising. There are possibilities that changes can be done in the future but here are the ways that you can use to do marketing on TikTok:

  • Creating a Profile

The best and cheapest way to do marketing on TikTok is by creating a profile, producing quality content and building an audience. You can attract the audience only by making attractive videos. Users don’t use the app to watch TikTok commercials, so any brand looking to get involved should have a good grasp on the type of content that’s popular before starting an account.

  • Using Official TikTok Ads

This is the most obvious answer but TikTok ads are still new and undeveloped. They are also not available in all countries. Paid TikTik ads can come in several forms, including:

  • Pre-roll ads – Ads that are shown whenever any user opens the application. 
  • In-feed ads – These ads will appear while scrolling.
  • Promoted hashtag – Ads encouraging user through a custom hashtag. 
  • Branded effects – A custom effect for the users, similar to Instagram and Snapchat brand featuring.

Well, TikTok ads are expensive; therefore, if you’ve got $50k to $100k to spend on ads or $150k for a promoted hashtag then this is a good deal. 

  • Work with Influencers

If you are looking for something between creating your content and spending thousands on TikTok ads then this option is best for you. Working with a verified TikTok creator can boost your product engagement. This is something that all sorts of companies have started doing, from established brands like Elf Cosmetics and Petco to smaller entrepreneurs wanting to promote a single product.

However, because you can’t include clickable URLs in TikTok video captions, it’s not always easy to direct traffic to websites from these videos. You can ask influencers to put your link in their bio or the comment section. 

  • App Feature for Advertising 

TikTok is quite different from famous social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter because most of the TikTok users create content based on trends. It can change rapidly, what’s popular one week won’t necessarily be on the trend next week. Therefore, the key here is to jump on the trends as soon as possible. While original content is appreciated, reactionary content is also highly rewarded. Below is a list of the type of content that can be used for TikTok marketing:

  • Hashtag Challenges
  • Creating and Reusing Sounds
  • Dance Challenges
  • Duets and Effects

Bottom Line

As it is clear that TikTok is a platform of creativity hence there is no limit to that. The best way to create TikTok ads for small and medium-sized business within budget is still not clear so this is the best time to test and experiment a few things that might work for you.

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