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Marketing Strategy – Market yourself as different, not better


Marketing Strategy – Market yourself as different, not better

Have you ever seen the term “world’s best” or “excellent” used as a description of a product or service? Who gave them this title and why does it mean? Everyone is best on their side of the Earth. 

Quoting yourself best over and over again is very cliché brand persona. Instead of playing the comparison game, find a place where no one can knock you out.

It’s easier for everyone when the brand persona is clear as it helps your customers to connect with you.  It’s a tough job for a marketer to project your brand when you don’t have a clear brand persona. First thing you need to do is to define what your brand stands for. 

Stop comparing your brand with others

Never make the mistake of comparing your brand with your competitors. Stronger, faster, or more efficient aren’t indicators of differentiation. You’re not different than your competitors when saying that. 

For example, the biggest mistake that Pepsi made is that they kept on comparing themselves to Coca Cola in their ads. This made the people believe that Pepsi is trying to dethrone Coca-Cola to become the best soft drink producer in the world. It’s like people know Coke is superior and are trying to undermine it.  Therefore, they are and always will be the brand running up with Coca Cola. This makes Coca Cola a part of Pepsi’s brand personality.

While being better works, you’ll always have to watch your back. You never know the moment a competitor becomes better, stronger, or faster than you and when something will come along and replace your brand. That’s why you need to make a place for yourself where you can’t be beaten.

Find a Place You Can’t Be Knocked Out

This is one thing that every brand or business owner should do; find a spot to shine upon. You can’t represent your brand as best in the world; try to make it unique which no one has thought of because people don’t remember what good they remember what’s different. 

For example, if you are marketing a smartphone by saying that it has more features, better camera and better storage this might achieve your goal. But in the long run, the customer will be mentally worn out and will shift to a new and better product. But if you’re different, and truly embrace your difference the customer won’t ever find anyone like your brand in the market. 

 This does not mean you have no competition.

Coke is winning over Pepsi, but why isn’t Nike crushing Adidas? Because both of them are unique in their ways. They both make sports apparel, but each of these brands found a unique spot to shine and rule over. Nike is more focused on the sport itself, partnering with the likes of Colin Kaepernick. Adidas is focusing on sport’s fashion, partnering with Kanye West. 

This does not mean they don’t intervene in each other’s world. They are competing and yet still all striving at the same time.

Customers will see your brand as you want them to see

There are endless ways to define what your brand stands for, it can be pretty crazy but having a brand persona will always help you to market it better. But, in the end, it comes down to one simple thing that how you market your brand persona. If you are marketing yourself as better then that’s how people will see your brand, a better version of an already existing product. Have you seen any better version of Amazon, Apple or Google? No, therefore, you need to find what makes you different. You can’t be a generalist in your brand persona because no one likes a person or a brand without personality.

For example – Redbull isn’t an energy drink. It’s a drink for crazy people who love extreme sensations.

There isn’t much difference between Coke and Pepsi, nor much difference between most smartphone brands, laundry detergents, or coffee out there. Those who win the most market shares are those who sharply defined their brand’s persona and have used it over the years.

Bottom Line

Stop marketing yourself as better and start marketing yourself as different. Find a place for you to shine and market the hell out of it. That’s where you stand out. That’s how you attract new clients that eventually become fans.

“In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different” 


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