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Meet India’s Lesser-Known Women Entrepreneurs: the Trendsetters and Change-Makers


Meet India’s Lesser-Known Women Entrepreneurs: the Trendsetters and Change-Makers

The Indian economy has flourished at a rapid pace in the last few years, and there has been a great enhancement in the number of start-ups and new businesses in the country. While most of these ventures are founded by men, many Indian women have come forward in the entrepreneurial eco-system and got success. This path was very tough. But they have soared higher and have faced struggles, challenges and made their way to become famous globally. This female power has not only supported society economically but also has done in terms of exposing the potential that a lady holds.

As India is a large and diverse country, it has its own share of women entrepreneurs who might not have a global appearance but they have become trailblazers and change-makers in their field. Here are some lesser-known women entrepreneurs from different parts of India, who have broken the glass ceiling and have become an inspiration for other women.

Lesser-Known Women Entrepreneurs of India 

Pabiben Rabari

Apart from being one of the strong businesswomen in India, Pabiben Rabari stands a true brand ambassador of the colourful Kutch district. She founded one of the first women artisan enterprises in India.

Then, she joined a Rabair women’s group with a vision to expand the tribal legacy of Rabari embroidery and ended up crafting a unique style of embroidery including Pabi Jari and Hari Jari.

Sumita Ghose

Sumita Ghose took the foundation of an artisan collective that sells a range of handcrafted products to Fab India and IKEA. This is a community-owned business with 3,000 artisans from remote villages.

Sumita started this venture with a seed fund of Rs 10 lakh, through investments by 1000 artists. Present-day, this venture is working with more than 35 groups of artisans in UP, MP, Rajasthan, West Bengal, and Manipur.

Mehvish Mushtaq

Mehvish Mushtaq is the first Kashmiri woman to develop an android application. She broke all stereotypical and entrepreneurial barriers with her brainchild of a Kashmir-centric ‘Yellow Pages’ equivalent, “Dial Kashmir”.

This application provides complete details like addresses, contact numbers and email ids of different essential services and relevant government departments in Kashmir. The solution introduced by Mehvish Mushtaq, works as a one-stop destination for information on education, transport, healthcare police and different other fields.

Tamanna Sharma

The founder of a Delhi-based Earthling First Private Limited, Tamanna Sharma is another inspiring business lady but is known by very few people. Her venture is a sustainable event and event waste management service provider and a kind of its kind initiative.

 Backed by a small team, the housekeeping staffs employed by the company always cover an equal ratio of men and women. This firm is making waves in the waste management sector for its pioneering initiatives.

Neha Arora

Neha Arora started Planet Abled in the year 2016 when she realized that differently abled people found difficult to travel around India. With her venture, Neha provides amazing tour packages that include special portable ramps for easier accessibility. This company employs dedicated moderators and tour guides who support such people pursue their dreams of travelling without any challenge.

Sobita Tamuli

Belonging from Assam’s Telana village, Sobita Tamuli is literally introducing a tide of the entrepreneurial revolution. She is working to manufacture and sell kesuhaar to customized japis without the involvement of middlemen.

 She created a self-help group named, Seuji; the purpose of this group is make it possible for the farmers in the region to access organic mature that is now in high demand.

Hemalatha Annamalai

Coimbatore based Hemalatha Annamalai took the foundation of Ampere Electric. It manufactures electric vehicles for waste management and differently able people. Today, Hemalatha is an emerging creator in the nascent e-vehicle industry of India. And, because of her dedication and hard work, she could make a name for herself in the male-dominant field.

Thinlas Chorol

Thinlas Chorol is the only Ladakhi woman who is trained to work in the mountaineering field. With a vision to encourage more women to take up travelling and mountaineering, she established a travel company named Ladakhi Women’s Travel Company in 2009. It is the first travel company of Ladakh that is wholly owned and operated by women with more than 30 working staff comprising female trainee guides, porters, and office staff.

Lakshmi Menon

The woman behind the brand, Pure Living, Laxshi Menon came up with a unique idea. Her venture offers an eco-friendly alternative to plastic pens and wooden pencils that grow into trees when they are disposed of.

With her initiative, the wonderful lady has helped empower the elderly and differently abled women in the region and uses up-cycled paper waster from printing presses to manufacture the pens.

So these are some unknown leading ladies of India. All these entrepreneurs are brilliant with their work and India is proud of such entrepreneurs.        

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