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As an entrepreneur, people tend to overcome various hurdles in their path to success. Amid the entire struggle, one thing that keeps one going and grow over time is their mental outlook and strength. But, the thing about an entrepreneur’s hustle is that it is never put to an end, which is also essential for growth but it also leads to affected mental health.

The long battle with perfectionism leads many entrepreneurs to have eating disorders, depression and anxiety. Many entrepreneurs acknowledge the effect on their work on their health early, while some are unable to recognise them. Acknowledging that one is the prey of mental health problems due to their constant struggle and failures is the first step towards healing and being successful in overcoming mental health issues.

There can be various reasons that can make one vulnerable to mental health issues, including stress from work, isolation, correlating entrepreneur and brand identity, uncertainty and the fear to face reality. Operating in a state of optimum emotional and relational health, entrepreneurs should follow these hacks to boost their health:

  • Cracking Down the Thinking Pattern: The thinking pattern is what defines one and questioning the pattern helps one to be aware of their feelings and how their mental health is. Usually one follows a pattern when it comes to negative thoughts of failure. Once people let these thoughts root their mind, it leads to distorting the severity of any situation they are in. The real challenge is to acknowledge when one is over thinking the matters and question the thoughts to take back control.
  • Practising Focus: One thing that yoga teaches is to focus on the breathing, the inner self and not the matters that people cannot control, and practising deep breathing exercises that can help build inner focus and confidence.
  • Use Aromatherapy: The smell of sense plays an important role in affecting the psychological state of a person. Aromatherapy has been known as an impactful hack when it comes to lowering the stress levels as it tends to activate certain receptors in the brain, potentially lowering anxiety. The therapy can be adapted in the working space or space one chooses for their self-care time and the aromas can be felt in the form of oils, incense or candles in different soothing scents.
  • Write Down Thoughts: Many people have lost the habit of writing down things in the digital age, while one tends to write on social media timelines, the action of writing a diary makes one pinning down the feelings they are experiencing. The hack of writing down the feelings will eventually help one recognise their thought process as mentioned above and prevent attacks from happening.
  • Recognise the general triggers: There are various triggers that can lead one to have anxiety attacks. Some triggers are easy to identify while some are hidden or a result of the long term problem. Smoking, drinking alcohol, caffeine are the obvious triggers while the financial problems and work-related problems may take some time to figure out and may need extra support, through therapy or with friends. The other triggers that one should be aware of are a stressful job or work environment, travelling, trauma, chronic illness, etc.
  • Adopting CBT or Cognitive Behavioural Therapy: This therapy helps people learn different ways of thinking about and reacting to stress or anxiety-causing situations. With this therapy, the therapist can help one recognise their negative thoughts and assist them to recover from them before they go into the spiral.
  • Having a Healthy Diet: While eating disorders can be a result of poor mental health, certain foods in the diet can also result in the high-stress levels. Taking Supplements and including certain nutrients in the diet can help in reducing stress levels naturally.
  • Lemon balm, omega-3 fatty acids, ashwagandha, green tea, kava and dark chocolate, all these foods may not immediately affect the stress levels but they do tend to showcase the results in three to four months. If one is taking other medications, it is essential that they discuss these herbal remedies with their doctor.
  • Taking Medication Regularly: There is no shame in recognising the mental health disorders and discuss them with an expert to receive prescribed medications just like one gets for their physical health. In case the anxiety is severe and the mental health practitioner believes one would benefit from medication, one can discuss the treatment plan with the doctor along with discussing their concerns.


These hacks are essential and supportive, but in case the problems becomes severe, visit an expert psychologist will guide one through the process of overcoming the hurdles and win the battle against mental health disorders. He/she will help the entrepreneurs to streamline the process of identifying the triggers, maintain long-term strategies through behavioural therapy, medications, and more.

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