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Mental toughness – Importance and how to build it?

Mental toughness – Importance and how to build it?

Have you ever thought what it takes to be a great leader, athlete or to achieve success in any field? Why do some people achieve what they want and others lead their life like failures? What is the difference? Generally, people think that it’s their talent that makes them successful but the reality is something else as there is more to the story.

When you start looking into it you will find that the ability and intellect don’t play a huge role as you might think. According to researches, intelligence is around 20 per cent responsible for the success of any person. So, what makes a greater impact than the ability and intellect? It’s mental toughness.

Mental toughness is also known as the grit which is extremely vital to achieve anything in your life be it good health, six-figure business or desired life. This is great news as it is nothing to do with your genetics, but you can develop grit over the period of time with the help of the following points:

  1. Emotional stability – One quality that every leader should possess is to make good decisions under pressure. It is crucial to stay calm, objective and deliver the top-level performance under any circumstances.
  2. Perspective – When the world is against you, your mental strength helps you to move forward against all odds. Train your mind to keep your problems in proper perspective without forgetting what you truly want to accomplish.
  3. Ready for change – Change is the law of nature and if you have to ability and flexibility to adapt accordingly then you have one of the most important skills.
  4. Detachment – You can be the strongest if you remember that it’s not about you. You are wasting your time by taking everything personally. Instead of crying over things that are out of your control, try to focus on things that are in your control.
  5. Strength under stress – To build mental toughness you should be able to deal with stressful situations. It will help you to build resilience and face negative situations.
  6. Preparation for challenges – Remember, life is unexpected and that’s the beauty of it. There will be daily demands, sudden crisis and surprising twists but make sure you have all the resources to face any professional and personal crisis.
  7. Focus – Always keep your focus on the long term result but make sure you are not ignoring small steps that needed to be taken.
  8. The right attitude toward setbacks – Hitches, accidental side effects, and failures are part of the journey. Try to minimise the damage, learn from that experience and move forward.
  9. Self-validation – Instead of making others happy put all of your focus on your happiness. Take efforts to stand for what you believe in and don’t worry about pleasing others.
  10. Patience – Always remember that anything worthwhile takes time, hard work, dedication and endurance to build. Don’t expect results in short term and view your result as work in progress.
  11. Control – Stay in control of your actions, emotions and never give away your power to others. Your absolute strength is the ability to control the way you are going to respond to any situation. You can’t control what others say or feel but you can always control your response.
  12. Acceptance – Don’t complain about the things you have no control over. Be aware of that one thing that only you can control is your own attitude and behaviour so use it to your strengths.
  13. Endurance in the face of failure – Failure is not a destination; it’s the way toward success. You have to see failure as an opportunity to learn and grow instead of a reason to quit. If you have a burning desire then you will keep on trying to get what you want.
  14. Unwavering positivity – Everyone is positive until they encounter toxic people. Ignore them and don’t bring yourself down. Never allow negative people to destroy your spirit and desire to accomplish your goals.
  15. Contentment – Being grateful for what you have is the ultimate happiness. Don’t waste your precious time being jealous of anyone’s success or accomplishment. Focus on your achievements and abilities and see the magic happens.
  16. Stubbornness – Being stubborn about your goals is what give you power. Never be shaken by other opinions and never give up. 
  17. A strong inner compass – Always stay true to your inner self, it will guide you to the right direction.
  18. Uncompromising standards – Have a set standard, don’t let hard times and problems to be the reason to lower the standards.


Being mentally strong takes a lot of conscious practice and mindfulness. You need to replace your old and bad habits with your new and productive habits. Becoming mentally strong means you have to break the negative or toxic pattern in your mind, learn from it and see what happens.

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