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Motor Vehicle Amendment Bill 2019: Know all Fines on Different Traffic Violations


Motor Vehicle Amendment Bill 2019: Know all Fines on Different Traffic Violations

Recently, Parliament has passed the Motor Vehicle Amendment Bill 2019 that amends the provision under Motor Vehicle Act of 1988. Earlier, the government failed to take effective steps. Now, it has decided to crack down on traffic offenses right now. The purpose of this bill is to bring with it stricter penalties for road traffic violations. The amendments are focused on improving road safety, facilitate citizens in dealings with traffic departments and empower rural transport. Moreover, it also enhances the public transport and last-mile connectivity through the automation, computerization as well as online services. The bill is based on recommendations submitted by transport ministers of 18 states in India.

Here, there is a column that lists out the violation, present fine amount and the previous fine amount for two-wheelers:

The above rules will raise penalties for traffic violations, curb RTO corruption and other measures to bring tremendous transformation in the transport sector.

Some other Rules:

  • The new road safety bill has outlined punishments and penalties for all sorts of traffic violations. It includes punishments for traffic-related offenses and higher penalties like compensation of Rs 5 lakh for death and Rs 2.5 lakh for grievous injury in a motor vehicle accident.
  • It will make Aadhaar mandatory for getting a driving license and vehicle registration and also mandates automated fitness testing for vehicles.
  • The bill will advise the central and state government on all aspects of road safety and traffic management like standards of motor vehicles, registration and licensing of vehicles, standards of road safety, and promotion of new vehicles technology.
  • Besides, the bill also provides for a scheme for cashless treatment of road accident victims during golden hours.
  • Earlier, driving licences in India were valid for 20 years or until the person turns 50 years old. Now, driving licences will be valid for only 10 years for those who are 30-50 years old. If someone gets a licence in 50-55, it will be valid till 60. If you renew your licences after age 55, it will be valid for only 5 years.

In last few years, transport and highways have struggled to reduce the number of road accidents. But it is sad that India is on top of the number of deaths due to road accidents. Data says that road accidents in India killed between 1.46 lakh and 1.5lak people every year during 2015-2017. Among the vehicle categories involved in road accidents, two-wheelers accounted for the highest share in total accidents and fatalities in 2017. Light vehicles comprising cars, jeeps, and taxis as a category constituted 24.5% in total accidents and 21.1% in total fatalities. This bill will play effective role in controlling these accidents and make India’s road a safer place.

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