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A 5000 sqft apartment, with a hand-painted ceiling adorning the charm of the Sistine chapel, doorways that transport to a dream-like palatial grandeur, marks the foyer.

Inspired with Venetian – Indian fusion; the Foyer, Living, Dining, and Guest are one composite, fragmented by baffles of the parallel world. A glass partition decorated with architectural details and a pillar stands between the Foyer and Living giving a peek into space, an expansive feel while maintaining privacy.

The guestroom is planned as an extension of the living for parties and entertainment. A painting of a landscape graces the backdrop, making it an Alfresco Dining area. Nature was incorporated in every corner of the apartment. A life size tree cast with a glass bench posed as a divider between the bedroom and bathroom, this creates a sense of living in a luxurious wilderness!

Incorporating culture that makes this apartment a home away from home was the Mandir area. The Mandir was inspired by the Ranakpur Temple adapted to fit into a modern Mumbai apartment.