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“Pakistani Military and ISI trained Al-Qaida” reveals PM Imran Khan

“Pakistani Military and ISI trained Al-Qaida” reveals PM Imran Khan

For a long time, we all have known that there is some connection between the Pakistani army and other terrorist groups, but it is the very first time that any of the Pakistani leaders have spoken about it openly.

After the Pakistan army trained ‘mujaheddin’ to fight against the Soviet army in Afghanistan they stayed connected.

Al-Qaida, a terrorist organization was founded in the year 1988 by Osama bin Laden. It was formed in Peshawar in August 1988; the Soviet army began to leave Afghanistan in May 1988 and continued till February 1989, since then Pakistani military and Al-Qaida are connected.

In the meeting for Foreign Relations in NYC, Prime Minister Imran Khan said, there have been links with Al-Qaida because the Pakistani army trained them.

He also said that after the 9/11 attack Pakistan went against the terrorists but not everyone in the military agreed with this which resulted in inside attacks on General Musharraf.

Well, he shifted the topic and said he is on ‘Mission Kashmir’ and tried to make India as the main culprit.

Pakistan had tried to stop terrorism but the country’s jihad mill has continued to produce more and more terrorists, one of them is a son of an Air vice Marshal who tried to bomb Times Square a few distances away from where Prime Minister Imran Khan was speaking.

President of USA Donald Trump has also tried to cover this when asked about the statement of PM Narendra Modi that Pakistan being the hub of terrorism. He said that he feels that Iran is the hub of terrorism. This must-have bring relief to Pakistan were not only the people like Osama bin Laden and Khalid Sheikh Mohammed used to live but also those hijackers who slammed a fully weaponized aircraft into the world trade center.

Despite all this, Imran Khan has accepted that there is a connection between the Pakistani Military and Al-Qaida.

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