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A beautiful coastal town, Visakhapatnam is progressing in both educational and tourism domains, the city has its hidden gems and attractions that people are unaware of. It owns the credit of having the oldest shipyard in India and has natural harbour that is one of its kinds on the Indian east coast. Whether you are a travel photographer, searching for your next place to click some amazing pictures, or just a fan of beaches and sunsets, this city is a perfect option for you. From emerald green oceans to pristine beaches, intriguing museums and peaceful hill station stations, the city has everything that will keep your spirits soaring with natural charm and manmade wonders.

Plan a tour to Vishakhapatnam a memorable one by covering some of these top places to see in the city. These destinations make for the profound tourist attraction for every visitor:

Borra Caves

Situated 1400 meters above the sea level, Borra Caves is a stunning place with breathtaking views. The spectacular formation of rocks provides amazing views. Borra Caves are the biggest amongst the vases found in India. If you want to do some physical activity on your tour, you will surely love the trek toward Borra Caves. The rocks and the waterfalls make you experience the ancient element in the region.

Rishikonda Beach

The beautiful Rishikonda Beach is frequented by tourists and it is one of the best beaches in Andhra Pradesh. This place is a heaven for the people who love water sports. From swimming, skiing, windsurfing, there are various water sports. Rishikonda Beach stimulates the element of adventure in you while at the same time it remains a perfect spot if you want a quiet evening.

Submarine Museum

As Visakhapatnam is a port city, the submarine museum is among the best sightseeing places in the city. The museum is established within the submarine called INS Kurusura. It is located on the shores of Rushikonda Beach and consists of pictures and artifacts that depict the life of warriors.

Simhachalam Temple

Simhachalam Temple is dedicated to Lord Narasimha and draws a huge number of travellers to the city. Striking a perfect balance between religious sites, beaches, wildlife, and historic spots, Visakhapatnam is one place that does never disappoint anyone anytime, and this temple perfectly exemplifies the fact. It houses a horse-drawn chariot made of stone at the front and grandly decorated with elephant idols on the boundaries.

Kailasagiri Hill Park

A famous hill station, Kailasagiri Hill Park is surrounded by beaches and small hills. It is located at the top and 360 feet from sea level. There is a special road train for children, ropeway trolleys and Play Park that attract tourists all across the world. This park is considered as photographers’ delight as the views from the hilltop are mind-blowing. Seven viewpoints on the park provide glorious sights of the beaches and the hills. You can also feel at peace because of its serene atmosphere.

Dolphin Hill or Nose

Because of its unique and wonderful viewpoints, Dolphin Hill deserves a special mention. It is located just 4.5 km from Yarada Beach; this tourist place is totally worth a visit. With meandering roads leading to the top of the hill, you should walk to the various viewpoints and get some photos clicked. Although, the only catch to visit this Hill is it inside the premises of the Indian Navy and is heavily barricaded. But thanks to its popularity among tourists, the navy does allow people access to this scenic spot.

Katiki Falls

Another marvel near Visakhapatnam, Katiki Falls deserves one visit. The main source of water to this fall is the Gosthani River. The sight of the water falling from an almost-vertical cliff surrounded by immense greenery and serenity is something wonderful. It is perched at an elevation of 50 feet, and the cascading waters from the falls create for an excellent spot to click amazing shots.

 Indira Gandhi Zoological Park

Built at a sprawling 625 acres of land, Indira Gandhi Zoological Park provides mesmerizing location because of the gills on both the sites of the zoo and Bay of Bengal to its east. It is located in such a natural setting, the zoo appears very much a home to wildlife. The park was established in the year 1977. This zoo has a wide range of animals including lions, panthers, tigers, sloth bears, jaguars, elephants, monkeys and many more.

If you have never been to Visakhapatnam, take this article as your travel guide, and plan your vacation to the ‘City of Destiny’. Visit Visakhapatnam from October to March for the best experience; you can also plan a corporate vacation in Visakhapatnam.

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