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Plan a Tour in Chennai, Take a Break from the Humdrum of Life


Plan a Tour in Chennai, Take a Break from the Humdrum of Life

Have you got tired of your working schedule? Do you want to take some time to relax?

Chennai has a solution for all your vacation woes; it is a melting pot of different cultures that are reminiscent of the past and also embraces modernism with open arms. There are times when we want to go on a tour where we want to enjoy the beauty of nature and peacefully explore more and more of it.

The tourist destinations nearby and in Chennai provide the perfect respite from the city’s sweltering heat and roaring traffic and make great escapes. With a prosperous history, scenic beaches, numerous religious destinations, you get here various getaways that entice you to pack your bags and head out. 

Whatever your travel style is, whether you are an adventure seeker, or foodie or a photographer, Chennai has everything; and we are presenting here the list top 10 corporate vacation spots in Chennai – just for you!


The ‘Golden City of a Thousand Temples’, Kanchipuram is considered as one of the Seven Sacred Cities of India. It is famous for traditionally crafted silk saris and often referred to as the ‘Silk City’. Apart from the temples, birth watching and sightseeing are the best forms of entertainment here.


‘The Seashore Town’, Pulicat is mainly popular for the Pulicat Lake- home to India’s second-largest lagoon. This beautiful lake is famous for its bird sanctuary and is a favourite destination if you are a nature lover, photographer or birdwatcher. Visit here during the annual Flamingo Festival celebrated during the arrival and nesting of migratory birds.


Trek through lush green hills; take a dip in one of the dozens of waterfalls and natural pools, by visiting Nagalapuram. It is a perfect place to get away from the boring lifestyle and is also major trekking destination for adventure seekers from around the nation. So visit here and relax a bit with sightseeing, pilgrimage and try some excellent and spicy cuisine of the place. 


Located in Vellore District of Tamil Nadu, Yelagiri is a magical hill station having a tryst with the charming neighbourhood of tribal villages. If you are looking for an easy-paced holiday away from the madness of the city, it is the best place for you to get unforgettable experiences. You can do here boating, sightseeing, and different thrilling activities.

Kishkinta Theme Park

Kishkinta Theme Park is a one-stop destination for fun lovers and adventure seekers. It is one of the most famous theme parks in the country. You can enjoy here a good range of rides and slides designed for kids and adults. This amazing theme park ensures you and your family for fun and adventurous time with different thrilling rides.


One of the holiest sites of pilgrimage in India, Rameshwaram is well-known for the esteemed Ramanathawamy temple that holds the largest temple corridor in the country. While driving across the Pamban Bridge to Ameshwarm, don’t forget to enjoy the cool sea breeze; it will re-energize you to return to the city after a much needed holiday.

Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary

Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary is among the oldest waterbird sanctuaries in the country. It is located in Kanchipuram district of Tamil Nadu and attracts tourists to witness the colourful birds and some rare species that gather here every year.


A heaven for coffee and natural species, Thekkady is among the best tourist destinations around Chennai. It has a lot of picturesque waterfalls and cascades. Thekkady is located on the Tamil Nadu- Kerala Border; you can see here different wild elephants, deer, and bison through trekking, boating, and jeep safari.


Tirupati is considered one of the holiest cities in South India. It is home to some of the world’s wealthiest religious institutions, ancient temples and heritage spot the is full of fun things from nature parks, camping, trekking, great food and many more to make a perfect vacation.

Madras Crocodile Bank Trust

Madras Crocodile Bank Trust is the biggest crocodile sanctuary in India with over 25000 animals that includes 14 different species of crocodiles and 10 species of turtles. If you are interested in volunteering for programs or make donations or adopt an animal, this sanctuary provides you a great opportunity to do that. Witness the unique species and modules in different fun activities like guided tours, feeding programs, and night safari.

In a nutshell, Chennai can be described as a complete travel destination with its unique blend of different themed places to visit. It has something for every individual and you are sure to enjoy having a great time during your tour. We hope that you enjoy a lot of activities and recreational opportunities in the serene natural beauty and historical prosperity.

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