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Radhieka Mitra: an accomplished businesswoman, making it happen with The Konnect – An Event & Conference Management Company


Radhieka Mitra: an accomplished businesswoman, making it happen with The Konnect – An Event & Conference Management Company

India is a male-dominated society, where it has always been difficult for women to step out and carve a niche for themselves. Though with time, women are becoming as successful as men in all walks of life. They are making a difference with their ideas; introduce solutions that have never been sought, and climbing the ladder of success at an incredible rate and give rise to new sustainable ecosystems. When it comes to women power in the Indian entrepreneurial sphere, Radhieka Mitra is a remarkable figure. She is moving with gumption and uncontrolled enthusiasm to boost the event industry on the International level with her business venture. From the beginning to current role as Founder and Managing Director of the company, she has emerged as a powerful player.

In the year 2014, Radhieka initiated The Konnect to bring a change and opportunities for like-minded people to share a common platform. In academic, Radhieka holds an MBA degree in International business and 16 years of experience and knowledge in the service industry. She worked for international conventional centers, professional conference organizers, hotels, convention bureau that taught her the business, the challenges, and the way to make something magical.

Recently, Radhieka Mitra was on the hot seat of The CEO Magazine, where she discussed The Konnect, her professional journey, and more.

Here are edited excerpts.

Give us insights into the company and its major offerings.

Experiences that incorporate precision planning, creativity, and technology! The Konnect provides a platform, where our clients’ vision and ideas are shaped into everlasting experiences. It is a team of 11 passionate and hardworking professionals. Here, each of the collaborators is well trained, competent, dedicated, multicultural, accountable, reliable, and passionate! We believe in building strong relationships with our clients that are based on honesty, integrity, and trust. We aim to make India as the most preferred MICE destination, and we work hard each day to accomplish our goal. Our USPs is on 4Cs – Community, Competence, Creativity, and Convergence. We built a community around people and will focus on our clients and their goals turning the event into a tremendous and memorable success.

Our services include:

  • Exhibition Management
  • Destination Marketing & Promotion
  • Registration Management
  • VIP Assistance & Services
  • Venue & Accommodation
  • Secretarial Support

Where does your interest in entrepreneurship come from – how did you start?

 I believe the backbone of any company is the people who work with you. They are your assets. I wanted to lead and create a world for myself, where I am able to bring a self-empowered change in people’s lives by bringing the best in them. The Konnect is all about great relationships, be it with our clients, suppliers/partners, teammates. Trust, integrity, and honesty are the foundation of our company.

What makes your company stand out in the market?

We are well Konnected! We work seamlessly with small- large clients and suppliers. We are nimble enough to stay close to the client and their event, and therefore able to make a personal touch to each event which is not the case with others. We are easy to do business with, adaptable, & dependable. If we undertake a project, we work on an agenda to succeed in delivering targeted outcomes of the client. We collaborate with clients and suppliers to create positive experiences in order to have a lasting shelf life of an event. So, with all things being the same, it is really & truly the personal involvement, care, and promised outcomes that we excel in. Our customers say so.

What do you think is the toughest problem for businesswomen?

Women have added responsibilities to manage home, kids, and work but, most importantly, it’s an art to be able to manage everything especially when you have to do it all. We are born multitaskers, and I think this is the biggest challenge as well as an advantage for us depending on how we perceive things, and how well we accomplish it, but that doesn’t stop us from achieving our dreams and making it happen.

What’s a day in your life like as an entrepreneur?

My day starts with positive affirmations, gratitude and seeding the best things to happen within my thoughts each day. That’s how my day is shaped and anything good or bad the day has in store for me, I face it with a smile as I believe that the best is yet to come.

Who are your clients? How do you keep your clients happy and satisfied?

Our clientele includes United Nation bodies, Government of India, International associations, and corporates. What our client looks at is the experience that they go through while working with us – The Konnect. We concentrate on the RoI of their time and money, and the overall experience we deliver to make clients happy and satisfied.

Though the statistics of women entrepreneurs in India are rising, yet a woman’s ambitions are often doubted in our society. Is it difficult for women to start a business in India?

I believe that if one has the vision, the passion, and the knowledge that nothing is impossible.Women are often stopped or diverted from their goals as they make someone else’s life mission to be theirs’. Here, women should not leave their identity and purpose in life and strive hard to get the victory.

After all this success and failure, what do you struggle with now?

Difficulties and challenges are parts of life. Presently, we don’t see the infrastructure for large scale conferences in place for major metro cities barring few which is at par with any international convention center in the world. Our business model of international conferences seeks us to bid 4-5 years in advance to secure India as a destination.  

How do you achieve a balance between your personal and professional life?

I wouldn’t say there is a perfect balance between the two, especially when one is from the service industry. I try, and it is a tough task. It is demanding as well in terms of time; we travel all the time and are engaged in off site venues. I personally focus on each and every project irrespective of the size of the business to deliver excellent results.

What have you learned about entrepreneurship in your journey?

Patience and perseverance

List the awards and milestones won by the company.

Best New Professional Conference Organizer – Oct 2017

MICE person of the year – Female – Oct 2018

What is your future agenda to keep growing in the market? 

We do a lot of research on International conferences and events happening worldwide and aim to bring them to India. Growth happens when one does the right thing at the right time in the right way. We have expanded our services globally and aim to do so more with time.

As a source of inspiration for many, what would your advice be for female entrepreneurs, who are planning to enter the business world?

My advice to my fellow female entrepreneurs would be: “Dream big and make it happen. You have it in you, and you don’t need someone else to tell you that” Remember your life path is made by the thoughts you seed in.

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