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Significance of Hindi Divas and the Reason we Celebrate it?


Significance of Hindi Divas and the Reason we Celebrate it?

14th September is celebrated as Hindi divas across India because on this day our independent Consitution assembly decided that Hindi will be the official language of India.

After this decision in 1949, In the year 1953, Rashtrabhasha Prachar Samiti in Wardha requested everyone to celebrate 14th September as Hindi divas and spread the Hindi language around the areas of India.

Hindi has a great significance as it was written in Devanagri script and it is the most popular language among all languages spoken in India. One of the official languages of union government is Hindi and the other is English.

According to data, Hindi is 4th most spoken language in the whole world after Chinese, Spanish and English.

Why we celebrate Hindi Divas?

We were ruled by Britishers for almost 2 centuries, during that time Hindi was suppressed and was looked like a backward and puny language. After we got independence, we found ourselves in the middle of nowhere. There was a big task ahead of us to make India strong in all fields and make it an independent nation.

India faced many challenges in the economy, infrastructure, politics and even in language as well. People were confused that what will be the language of India now? Due to this, the government of India decided that Hindi will be the official language of India.

Primary language to communicate with each other as well as to the public for the central government is Hindi. The state government is allowed to choose their language as India is a state of many cultures and languages. 22 other languages have given the status of official language including Hindi and English.

There are also a few languages that are classified as classic because of their rich history and heritage. These languages are Sanskrit, Telugu, Tamil, Odia, Malayalam, Kannada. The government has given them the award of classical language.

What is the significance of Hindi Divas?

On this day almost every school, college or educational institute celebrates Hindi divas by organizing a few competitions for the students. Competition like literary speaking and writing are very popular. They also get to know the real significance of Hindi as a language by participating in different competitions like reciting Hindi poetry, Hindi debate, essay writing in Hindi and many more.

Users on social media also celebrate by quoting and posting poems of their favorite poet in Hindi.
This day is celebrated to honor the language and to unite the nation as this gives a feeling that everyone in this country is connected somewhere.

On this day, our president Mr. Ram Nath Kovind will also award people who had done something to raise the honor of the language Hindi by Rajbhash award at Vigyan Bhavan in New Delhi.

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