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Some Unknown and Fascinating Facts about Munshi Premchand


Some Unknown and Fascinating Facts about Munshi Premchand

Premchand was a renowned writer in India; he is famous for his Hindi-Urdu literature. He was a novelist, short story writer, and a dramatist. He led a very simple life and had been a teacher for many years until he left his job to fight for Indian’s independence. 31st July is the birth anniversary of this great writer, and Startup City Magazine presents here some of the most interesting facts about him.

These are interesting and unknown facts about Premchand:

  1. The first job of Munshi Premchand was the sales boy in a book shop. He joined here so that he could get a chance to read more and more books. Thereafter, he did home tuition before joining government school as a teacher. Later, he initiated a press in Varanasi – Saraswati Press.
  2. Premchand did not have good relations with his step-mother and felt very alone and sad as a child. He sought solace in books and became an avid reader.
  3. Most of the short stories written by Premchand were weaved around the unloving experience he had shared with his stepmother.
  4. The real name of Munshi Premchand was Dhanpad Rai Srivastav, and he took a pen name Nawab Rai before settling with Premchand. Prefix “Munshi” was given him by his readers as an honorary title.
  5. Premchand was married to Shivarani Devi when he was 15 years old and studying in standard 9 in high school.
  6. The first book was written by Premchand was ‘Mockery’; it was based on his uncle because he used to scold Premchand for reading fiction.
  7. Premchand was not quite good in studies. That is why; he had to discontinue his studies after he did not get admission anywhere.
  8. ‘Godaan’ (The Gift of a Cow), was the last completed work of Premchand. It is generally accepted as his best novel and is considered as one of the finest Hindi novels in India.
  9. The most interesting fact that very few people know is that Premchand conceived his novels and short stories in English and then wrote in either Hindi or Urdu.
  10. As a true patriot, he quit his government job as a part of the non-cooperation movement called by Mahatma Gandhi even though he had a lot of responsibilities for his growing family.

India is proud to have such a legal writer who always tried to empower society through his writing. Premchand said, “To be successful in life what you need is education, not literacy and degrees.