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Indiamanthan’s leading initiative ‘Startup City Magazine’ endeavours to promote a culture cementing entrepreneurial activities and innovative business concepts opening windows to exchange of views, opinions, and ideas, it has an incubator orchestration that propels growth.

A leading Indian media and information platform, our magazine has held its position strong for providing a print and a digital platform to start-ups, investors and venture capitalists for mutually empowering the ecosystem with a mission to grow and connect by cementing the economic boost in harmony.  After becoming the stage for go-to investment destination for start-ups, we have editorially covered some of the most powerful and proven organizations of the industry who have lucratively tapped the budding businesses and turned them into influential brands through associations and productive opportunities.

An initiative of ‘The CEO Magazine’, the flourished sister concern, keeps in mind the constant flux in the scenario of start-ups today, the magazine is circulated among the cream of top CEOs and VCs of the market that seek enhanced visibility, funding, high quality content, and new business idea’s to implement at their firms. These prospects help in intensifying exposure, innovating ideas, conceptualising business strategies, gain traction, and commerce for both start-ups and potential investors. Also, In the near future we are looking forward to introduce ample breaks to start-ups, VCs, and investors for collaboration, potential deals, one-on-one conversation about future collaborations, partnerships, and more.

The Startup City Magazine, in the last few years has meticulously maintained the essence of all entrepreneurship while acting as a gateway to the people reading us each month fulfilling their need for latest pertinent industry insights, information, and upcoming trends. We hope that our readers are able to move with the flow and are always on the top of everything happening in this space and comprehend the answer to **WHY US**.


The parent company, Indiamanthan Publications and Media Pvt. Ltd, established with a noble vision to add value to rising and time-honoured businesses of India, has come together to promote an enterprise to convey their vision. The Startup City Magazine, under the well nurtured guidance of the parent company ethically assembles the ‘Big Daddy’s’ of the business universe and offers them the best in class products and services.


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