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Startup Magazines in India: A glance


Startup Magazines in India: A glance

To stay well informed and connected with the updated corporate world and to keep an eye on the significant industry trends, Magazines are the best source to provide a global picture of every move of corporate world. There are many prominent Indian business magazines that are enriched with relevant news and information covering Indian business ecosystem. There are many respected start-up magazines in India that have been successful for filling up the cup of knowledge.  Every business has a story to tell. These stories inspire budding entrepreneurs. Along with stories and experiences, a startup magazine is a helm for thoughts, opinions, insights, and lessons from entrepreneurship, business, and even life. A well outlined startup magazine helps reader gain a sound understanding of business dynamics, decisions, and movements. It provides a detailed analysis of market trends, stock prices, and sales strategies of several business undertakings.  One of the talked about magazine is STARTUP CITY which covers the stories and perspectives of all the leading businessmen and organizations. This magazine  is an exclusive platform for Startups, new age Entrepreneurs, Industry mentors, Investors and Business leaders to gather up at one place, dish out their entrepreneurial endeavors and experiences, gain amazingly new insights, and pledge to become an invaluable part of the ever flourishing startup ecosystem in India. STARTUP CITY is the only productive business magazine in India published exclusively to guide Young entrepreneurs/CEOs and owners of small-to-midsize companies to achieve their goal. You must read the issues of the magazine and participate yourself in events and interviews with us. If you plan to spend 2017-18 growing a business that is in its infancy, STARTUP CITY is a helpful platform to keep you on your desk. This publication also offers insights into improving your work-life balance by providing informative articles on health, travel and many more.

Staying in alignment with the business world that you are preparing to enter is the highest preparation anyone can do, and magazines are a great place to start.

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