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Seven Short Steps to Long Term Investing Success

Dear Investors, I got a question on a discussion forum, about Long Term Investing. I found the line of thought very interesting, and my reply is in the form of the Seven Steps to Long Term Investing Success !! So here goes.  (thanks Srini…

Fundamental Thoughts – The Search for Stability

Dear Investor, One of the biggest challenges for investors is to find a few valuable firms out of the 5000+ listed companies on the Indian stock exchanges. This search is not easy; it cannot be done very fast; I would say it is a multi-year…

The Importance of Equity in India – By Punit Jain

Ask 10 persons about their opinion of the Indian share market, and you will get the following responses:Gambling Losses Waste of time Risky Bad advice and analystsJust a few may say something positiveSteady profits Retirement…