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“When it comes to TTTE, we believe in the power of thoughts to create unique experiences and inspire the world to change for better. Think. Create. Inspire” Abhishek Mazumder

Setting up the stage ardently by instilling faith in the power of thoughts to create experiences and inspire the world to change for better, TTTE has up the game for the fully integrated entertainment network.

Brainchild of the ‘Guinness World Record Holder’ for ‘World’s Largest Horseshoe’, Abhishek Mazumder, CEO-Founder, TTTE has successfully managed to top its game by providing 360-degree marketing solutions. He has cemented the idea of making available best in class services. From biggest concerts to smallest launches, from mega campaigns to basic branding, he does it all by putting together his best efforts in exploring, curating, ideating, and thus delivering an unsurpassed outcome to the clients.


Abhishek Mazumder is a Mechanical Engineer and a Guinness World Record holder. He has over 8 years of experience in 360-degree marketing services especially in the Real Estate, Luxury Cars and BFSI (Banking, Financial Services and Insurance) sectors. He thrives on chaos, loves to multi-task and has enthusiasm enough to fill football stadiums. This young leader also happens to be a gifted singer, guitarist and MMA enthusiast.


Currently, TTTE dominates the real estate sector; they do everything from advertising to events. Be it sales office concept, experience and management, CP meets, and many more. They are associated with Luxury Cars and lastly the BFSI (Banking, Financial Services and Insurance) sector.

Abhishek states, “Our experience in real estate has given us an edge to give clients, an in-depth analysis of customer behaviour, and competition research. Our young team has enabled us to provide efficient and clutter breaking work.”


Competition is vital for evaluation and growth. Fortunately, for TTTE competition is compartmentalized, they have a separate competition for each segment. At the end of the day, there’s always another agency that might not be doing the entire marketing spectrum but may be specialized in a particular service like advertising or the experiential vertical and this very aspect keeps the TTTE team on their toes.

“We are constantly evolving as a team and considering I lead the pack, I am constantly researching on unique market trends, because only the smart can handle the pace of rapidly changing industry trends, those who don’t understand and keep up with the time, eventually get wiped off” affirms Abhishek.


TTTE serves as a one-stop solution for all the services, they’ll take care of everything from logos, brochures, productions to shooting videos, animation, events, goodies, giveaways etc. They suffice all possible criteria of the consumer. Evaluating the target market is difficult because you try to pull whatever job you get, given how competitive the business is in their field, over the years, they have chosen a clientele whose outreach to direct customers is immense and gives a scope to explore.

“If you ask me an honest opinion, in this advertising and event space, yes we do make mistakes, things don’t always work out at the vendor’s end as promised but at the end of the day we turn it around, we leave no stone unturned to deliver efficiently” emphasizes Abhishek.


There are two aspects of incorporating technology and innovation with business;

One is innovating and other is being aware of the latest technology developments globally. The Think Tank team is extremely qualified in both aspects. There are pictures and video links online to see their innovations in 2D projection mapping, 3D projection mapping, 3D Renders, Experiential Lounges, Augmented Reality, Brochures, Holographic Boxes, etc.

“Our industry has transformed from events that were associated to birthday parties or stage setups like “thokamthakthak” (hammering noise) and gone more into the experiential side. Advertising was always on top of its game. I’m not sure if it’s more generous now, but I can say it’s accepting unique and newer ideas and innovations and I believe that acceptance is generosity at the end of the day” says the Founder.

The government plays a role in every industry, right from increasing the service tax to moving onto GST. Clients start talking in lump sums, so if someone had a fixed budget, when the service tax rate was less, after the increase to GST they still wanted it to be in the same budget, unfortunately. But positively, the infrastructure improved, demonetization removed the illegal cash from the industry and helped people to invest it in a much more productive way.


Well, one very complex situation that the TTTE team faced was when demonetization occurred and in Maharashtra, there was a RERA board that was formed for real estate, both of which came almost back to back and impacted their business. Even the vendors’ needed

support, this was a very complex situation, but considering they’re going to be in the market they fought and came over the situation like winners.

Over time, they have achieved whatthey were seeking, the proudfounder feels that his brand is established and in thenext 5 years hopes to increase the team and target more sectors with different clientele in different cities where clients can benefit from their services. Passion, dedication, honesty and discipline are the four pillars of this organization. At the core they follow certain values to explore, evolve, be excited, reinvent, and believe in their work to create great landmarks for all.


Abhishek proudly added, “We have a lot of milestones we’re proud of; we have done the largest campaigns for the biggest real estate clients across leading newspapers and the biggest concert with 35,000 attendees. We have won the WOW Asia Awards for the best ‘Brand association with a Lifestyle / Art Platform’ for Rolls-Royce Art Programme and ‘Fundraiser Programme’ for Rotary Centennial Race. We have won awards internationally too for our media organization and coordination and in this competitive field, we have retained clients for over 6 years which itself is an award and milestone for us.”


Merger & Acquisitions with renowned agencies in the west is on the cards for The Think Tank Entertainment. Furthermore, the plans for the company are to get a better team, more intelligence to come into play and mould the skills of the current one. The work culture is positive and non-corporate interms of a healthy work environment,work and fun are coupled and great heights are achieved each day.

Abhishek wraps with, “In terms of CSR we’ve been lucky enough to have done some impactful work. When we completed 5 years, we celebrated it with an orphanage wherein we painted the entire orphanage and our 6th anniversary was celebrated in an old age home where we showcased our talent to the ones who deserve to be entertained. We believe in giving back to society when it has given so much to us.”

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