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2020 has started; the New Year brings many new and fresh growing strategies. You are excited and geared up to achieve your goals. But then all the noise starts, And you get distracted from your vision.

You know the problem. You get excited about new things, like a new business venture, early days of New Year.

You see someone’s post on Facebook or Twitter. Someone in your group shared a new idea they are trying out and you get influenced. We get started with all our enthusiasm… and then something happens.

It is mainly found in entrepreneurs, they see opportunities everywhere. They try to introduce an advanced solution to an old problem. They always push themselves to create something new that can change the world.

As this is one of the biggest strengths of any human being, it can also be the biggest weakness. Those new ideas all too easily become shiny objects that hold us back from gaining the momentum we require to make a profitable and sustainable business. 

If you also get excited about this possibility to do something fun and unique. And, you feel like if you do not take action on a new idea, then you will lose something. You are probably experiencing “shiny object syndrome”.

What is Shiny object syndrome?

Shiny object syndrome has been identified as the tendency of entrepreneurs to start projects based on ideas without properly assessing the long-term goals, feasibility, and sustainability of the projects that leads them to not complete anything.

Signs you may have this syndrome

  • You cannot focus on just one idea
  • You constantly start new goals but never see them through to the end because you are busy jumping from one goal to the next
  • You get yourself saying yes to every opportunity
  • You have a collection of plug-in and tools, but you don’t use them
  • You keep registering new domain names and launching new websites, but you do not work on building these sites

It is a common occurrence among many entrepreneurs. We wish to be everything and do it all that is not possible by the way. Still, Shiny object syndrome is a common struggle you will want to overcome this year. Avoid the shiny object syndrome and focus on your specific goals and priorities first, here are some tips that can help you throughout each workday:     

Limit Your Goals

Having multiple goals means you have to split your focus in many different directions, here the solution is to limit your goals. Ultimately, you run the risk of overworking yourself and getting distracted by the next goal.

Take some time to find out what you want to do and set some clear visions. When you set one to three aims instead of ten, you will be able to give your 100% on those three goals and not moving onto something else until you accomplish them.       

Give it Some Deep Thoughts

Don’t be too quick to give into shiny object syndrome. When you involved soon, you find out everything that glitters is not gold.

Moving forward, learn to slow down before making any hasty decisions thinks about how a particular idea would affect my time, my business, and align with my ultimate goal.

Focus on Just in Time Learning

When you lack a clear focus in your business strategy, you easily get caught up into the traps of Just In Case Learning. It mainly happens when your day-to-day actions in your business are not based on a strategic plan but instead is based on the latest tip, trick or tactic posted on Instagram.

It happens when you find yourself buying eBooks, which collect dust on your iPad, and courses that sound amazing but, you never get past the first lesson. Just in Time Learning would support you to focus on learning what you need right now to implement the current focus in your business.

Keep Customer in Your Focus Every Time

The success of any business begins with customers, so initially, before moving on any idea, put yourself in your customers’ shoes. The thing about the additional advantages that your customer will get from your new project.

Maybe your latest innovation can save their time, effort or money in some way. Keep this always in mind that doing things that please your customers is a waste of time if it does not add value.  

Reward Yourself for Finishing any Work

One clever way to avoid distractions is by rewarding yourself for finishing a project. You can avoid shiny object syndrome after finding a way to resist distractions.

For example, maybe you want to take a vacation somewhere this year but need to complete a major project in your business. Tell yourself that you can start researching and planning for the trip once you finish the project. It actually works!

These practices see so easy, but they are incredibly powerful especially when you hold yourself accountable. It is very common to envision that each new concept is the best concept ever. But do not fall into the time and energy trap of shiny object syndrome.

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