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Real estate is just one of the many industries that have been drastically grown by digital innovation. Earlier, as you were passing by and saw a house or building you liked, more likely you would stop and get a flyer from the sign stuck in the ground outside.

If you were interested, now you would contact the realtor to set up a view. We cannot say that the entire process has not changed completely but, the internet has entered into the process and made things easier in some ways.

Today, you can check thousands of houses in one day without even taking your steps out of your home. Of course, nothing can replace the actual physical viewing of the apartment, but technology has converted the process in an easy to manage way.

As the real estate industry has become more digitized, property owners, developers, and people involved in the industry are starting to take advantage of websites. But for this, having a site and a reliable host is an essential part of your business.

For your support, we are presenting here the best real estate website hosting services for you, whether you are setting up your first open house or want to showcase your wide ranges of listings;


Realtors spend a lot of time to get a property ready for showing. Getting a perfectly designed website will help them to present their building easily. The best part is that with, you do not need coding skills, as it provides you, drag-and-drop builder.

Wix provides some great templates for real estate websites that feature listings data, sales agent information, and contact message. Here, you get 100s templates with niche-specific designs for your site and can add features via the App Market and Wix Events. The web hosting plan from is quite affordable; get from website building to management easily at an affordable range.


If you are planning to get web hosting for real estate sites, WPEngine is undoubtedly one of the best hosting service providers. In case, you have a doubt which web hosting is best for WordPress, no other option is as better as WP Engine. It offers StudioPress Themes for WordPress free of cost. Some of these themes are a perfect fit for real estate agents and investors.

 In case you are already running your real estate website with some other web hosting service provider and you are not happy with their website hosting service, you can easily switch to WPEngine. The company has an auto migration plugin that makes it possible for people to migrate their sites with just a single click.


When it comes to website hosting, BlueHost is one of the renowned service providers. It is widely known for offering quality and cost-effective services. You will be surprised to know that the basic hosting plan of BlueHost starts at $3.95. Unlike other hosting companies, BlueHost provides free domain so you do not need to purchase domain when you are taking BlueHost web hosting service.

Besides, you get free SSL, 1-click WordPress Install, 24/7 support through chat, email or phone. BlueHost also provides detailed website analytics, marketing tools, and security and data backups all in one place. As a bottom line, apart from its multiple free services, BlueHost is great for managing their servers to keep your website live an avoid downtime.


SiteGround is another top choice for real estate website hosting to keep your website loading quickly. It is among the top companies for real estate web hosting services. The most amazing part of Siteground is that they have 99.99% up-time that gives you a reliable website that will not crash unexpectedly.

SiteGround provides great customer service and assists you when you need to get set up initially. With their website hosting services, they offer free CDN services and a free SSL certificate. What you will love about Siteground is that in case you are migrating from an existing website host, they will move your real estate site over to Siteground for free that takes the hassle and technical headaches and frustration out of the picture.


In the present market scenario, GoDaddy is the most known name. Website hosting in Godaddy means quality service at a reasonable cost. Besides, it allows you to create a website in under an hour- and, it is true. You can quickly get your basic site online and then add additional functionality with GoCentral components or sections.

Apart from website design, GoCentral allows you to add real estate specific features like Listing Galleries, Email Signup and Marketing as well as Property Videos. With multiple offers and trial services, you can get website hosting for free.

Things to consider when choosing to host for real estate websites

Finding a perfect real estate hosting service is vital. While all the five hosts mentioned above offer state-of-the-art hosting services. Here are some important considerations to help you pick that one that fits your specific needs;

Support: While taking any particular website hosting company for your website, make sure your service is able to provide a fast response in the event of a technical breakdown. All these five hosting services companies mostly provide 24/7 customer support.

Cost: When it comes to selecting any particular company, website hosting cost is a big consideration when you are just starting out. Here, BlueHost and Siteground are winners as they offer cost-effective real estate hosting solutions. Although, many companies offer website hosting free but quality and scalability are other major factors to consider.

Storage: When you create a website for your real estate company, most likely you would put tons of images up of your properties. If you are a famous agent or a large agency and you have to upload thousands of pictures, and storage is something that gets eaten up quickly. Here, an image-heavy site paired with insufficient hosting service will cause your website to load slowly. Storage is an important consideration when you go with any website hosting finder.

Reliability: Most of the hosting companies provide an uptime guaranteed of at least 99.9%. Try to get the company that can provide a guarantee of 99.94% or more. Keep this always in your mind that the higher the uptime percentage, the less time your site will be down on every month. Many hosting companies offer high availability server clustering, security management, and DDoS protection with controlled backups that makes you would experience minimal downtime.

Website Builders: In case, you want a beautiful website without investing a lot but, you don’t have the required skills, the website builder is the perfect answer. They save you tons of effort and help you create a stunning website without you having to know a single line of code. So select the company where you can get a beautiful website with hosting.    

So these are some important things you need to consider while selecting a host for your real estate website. If you are at your initial phase to save on hosting, SiteGround or BlueHost are better options. If you are looking for better security and speed with an easily scalable hosting service, WPEngine is a perfect choice. Besides, website hosting with Godaddy is also a great option. For a fascinating website builder, go with

How to Select Your Real Estate Website Domain URL?

While taking a web hosting service, you will need to let your hosting provider know what your site URL is, which means the domain name. Here, it is better to use your own name as your URL to brand your real estate agent business or if you are a company use your company name in the URL.

Domain names are not so expensive. Many hosting companies even offer it free of cost. Like, BlueHost offers you a first domain name for Free when you sign up for your hosting plan. The hosting company will be the registrar for your domain name and you will need to renew it every year.

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