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Any website that wants to be put on the internet should be hosted on a web server. When it comes to website hosting definition- a web server can refer to either the hardware or the software, it supports to deliver content, which can be easily accessed through the internet.

The space given by the webserver can be owned or leased by organizations from website hosting companies. As there are various web hosts to select, finding the right web hosting packages can be a confusing process and it is tough to say which website hosting service is best.

Web hosting packages depend on how much website hosting cost and the features they offer, such as the amount of disk space and bandwidth available, data transfers, number of domains, and email boxes, privacy and security settings, website design and marketing tools, guaranteed and also technical support. Be aware of the needs and make a smart decision for website planning.

Once you are through with the article it will be easier for you to select the best website hosting for small business or big business. The essential features of a reliable website hosting in India are described below:

Amount of Storage

When you select the web hosting service, one of your primary concerns will be about the amount of storage.  This amount includes all of the content of the web pages, any graphic or other media content that can be used on the pages. Any files available for visitors to download and any space that can be used for emails.

Some additional space may be needed for different log fields that are generated by the server or web application that keeps track of visitors to the site and what pages they click on. For small and medium web sites, several gigabytes would be enough storage. Many web hosting companies offer “unlimited storage”. Read the Terms and Services of the company. You would find that it is unlimited until you go over the “normal site usage.” 

You can choose a web hosting package with additional disk space so that you will be able to add more content, pictures, music, videos or downloadable files. Keep this in mind that website hosting fees will vary according to the storage.


Bandwidth is the total amount of data that can be transferred at one time. If your service provider allocates less bandwidth, it will slow the speed to your website. Moreover, the speed of a site also depends on how much bandwidth does the web hosting provides. Before going to any service provider, make sure, your web hosting will offer you a higher amount of bandwidth.

Quality Of Customer And Technical Support

 “The Internet never sleeps”. A reliable web hosting provider should provide technical support 24/7.  By technical support, here we are no talking about someone who is just available to answer the phone sympathetically; but you need someone who can understand your problem and give a perfect solution.

So, if you face any problem related to the website, you can directly content the experts and can resolve your web hosting related issues. Look for a service provider that offers integrated customer support. It can be a local or toll-free phone number, live chat, social media, email or other support systems all the time.

Some service providers might claim to offer 24/7 customer support but such claims do not guarantee that you will be served with the fast and required solution. For this, crosscheck their quality of tech knowledge by asking some technical; questions before taking their service.

Guaranteed Uptime And High Availability 

Uptime is the time when your website works online and when users can access the website without any issue. It is usually measured in percentages from the whole expected uptime (twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week). It depends if your site has to be online one hundred percent of the time. It is found that if you go with the shared hosting, your project is not very big, you would need required 100% uptime. In this situation, the 98% level is generally fine.

While selecting a web hosting plan, do not consider what companies say about their uptime.  Because, they would surly say we are providing the best website hosting software and service, while you may get a worse one. To know the actual online rate, go with some independent web projects to measure this number for you.

When you get the question- what are website hosting services. The server safely is one of the most important features in website hosting that most web hosting companies do not include cheap shared plans.

See, if any website keeps going offline, it gives a very bad impression to your visitors and affects your search engine ranking and loses your sales. It is possible if your shared hosting is affected by other users, not the server. When you plan to try sophisticated hosting like dedicated servers or cloud hosting, go for high availability.

Disk Space & Traffic

For hosting a website on the web, there is a need for some disk space to use for different code files, databases, and media. This is where you need a certain amount of disk space. Keep this in mind that the smaller your website is, the less important this feature has. After you have hosted some files and made them into a website, you want users to access that data and that’s when bandwidth comes in.

SSD vs. Non-SSD Hosting

SSD hosting is very fast and secure. Many companies offer affordable SSD hosting. It gives you a hundred times faster hosting performance for your website than normal hosting. Go with the company that provides SSD hosting to get the fastest speed as compared to non SSD Hosting.

Pre-Installed Apps

Pre-Installed Apps are an additional feature into shared plans that web hosting providers offer. Think about the apps that are special widgets that help you create a website quickly, you get hosting with a website builder and manage them efficiently. One of the most basic applications is the control panel.

 If you are getting a control panel in your shared plan, congratulations, you can breathe a sigh of relief and get.  The panel is the most popular control panel. Many web hosts offer an alternative like Webmin, Zpanel and even their customized control panel. As most control panels hold some applications and add-ons pre-installed, you can easily switch vital functions on with only once click like eCommerce tools such as payment instruments,.  Read the latest website hosting reviews 2019 to know about the latest apps provided under the hosting services.

Free Bonuses

Many web hosting providers offer a free domain, website transfer, site-building tools or some other good features with your hosting packages; it is a good way to find out the suitable option when you want to do website hosting comparison. Because the free domain will save your cost of purchasing a domain name. Keep this in mind that most hosting providers will offer the free domain name for only one year and thereafter, you need to renew it at your own cost.

If you are more than one domain in a single hosting, you will have to buy an additional domain at your own cost. Here, you can purchase hosting for each domain individually so that you can get all website hosting domain free of cost. It completely depends on the offer you are getting from the hosting company.

As always, check the user agreement thoroughly if a company offers you free features. Go with a shared package is very subjective. Consider the needs properly for your site to understand what features are priorities and what features are non-essentials. Always keep pricing and reliability at the forefront. Many companies offer website hosting for free.

30 to 45 Days Money Back Guarantee

After the website hosting price comparison, a money-back guarantee is something very important. Many companies provide 30 days money-back guarantee with the web hosting service. While selecting your hosting provider, choose a company that provides the money-back guarantee policy. It will allow you to refund your money if you do not like the web hosting services.

The Takeaway…

Here, we have not talked about what website hosting means. The takeaway from the article is an easy one: bad hosting is bad, good hosting is good, and the factors described above separate one from the other.

Read and understand the difference, and select a perfect website hosting service.

Superior hosting that improves and protects your website.

Better and superior hosting means more revenue and less hassle for you.

For more information, you can take help from website hosting checkers.

I’m sure you’ve got some great tips for choosing a website hosting and email service. If you do, don’t hesitate to share them in the comments below.

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