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With a perfect amalgamation of modernity, spirituality, and heritage, Bangalore is one of the preferred spots among visitors. The city is encircled with numerous cities and towns wherefrom one can discover the traces of the pre-historic civilizations and explore the ancient Vijayanagara Empire and other dynasties.

These days, corporate vacations are on great demand, companies make a trip to take a break from the humdrum of the city and take relax. As Bangalore is home to thousands of offices, companies always look for vacation gateway near the city.

Amidst the corporate buildings, industries, popular hotels, and resorts, and night clubs, Bangalore captures the attraction of visitors, adventurers, nature enthusiasts, and wildlife lovers.

Choices are abundant and if you are feeling confused about which place to pick for your team outing, we are here to help.

Here is the list of 5 best spots to explore with your team.

  • Nandi Hills

Famous hill station, Nandi is a wonderful choice if you are planning a short weekend trip. It is an ancient hill fortress, which has many legends associated with it. People come to get relief from their busy life and relax in the lap of nature.

Distance from Bangalore: 60 km

Best Time to Visit: October to June

Places to Visit: Brahmashram, Tippu’s Drop, Nandi Bhoganandishwara Swamy Temple

Famous Activities: Paragliding, Trekking, Cycling

  • Mysore

Just 180 km away from Bangalore, Mysore is one of the flamboyant spots in India that attracts tourists not only from Bangalore but different parts of the country. The city holds glorious history with bustling markets, magnificent monuments, cosmopolitan culture and many more.

Distance from Bangalore: 160 km

Best Time to Visit: October to February

Places to Visit: Mysore Zoo, Mysore Palace, Jaganmohan Palace, Karanji Lake

Famous Activities: Sightseeing, Walkthrough the ancient city of Mysore

  • Savandurga Hills

Savandurga Hills is known as the largest single rock formations in Asia. It is located near Amaravati River. It is an ideal place for rock climbing, trekking or spending a few days soaking in the panoramic view of nature’s bounty.

Distance from Bangalore: 56 km

Best Time to Visit: August to February

Places to Visit: Savandurga Valley Farm Retreat, Sri Vani Science Park

Famous Activities: Rock Climbing, Trekking

  • Bheemeshwari

Bheemeshwari is a fantasy for natural habitat lovers, surrounded by dense forest. The lush greenery is home to many wildlife species, and you can also enjoy the adventurous activities like rafting, coracle ride, and a nature walk.

Distance from Bangalore: 105 km

Best Time to Visit: August to February

Places to Visit: Galibore, Cauvery Fishing Camp, Kokrebellur Pelicanry, Doddamkkali, Bheemeshwari, and Wildlife Sanctuary.

Famous Activities: Trekking, River Rafting, Fishing, Bird watching, Wildlife Safari

  • Ramanagara

A perfect option for a low-budget trip, Ramanagara is an hour’s drive away for Bangalore. It holds numerous fascinating spots that can catch anyone’s attention easily. The rock of Ramanagara is wildly-known for the Sholay fame.

Distance from Bangalore: 50 km

Best Time to Visit: October to April

Places to Visit: Rocks of Ramanagara, Janapada Loka, Ramadevara betta

Famous Activities: Bird Watching, Trekking, Sightseeing, Rock Climbing

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