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India has the potential to become one of the largest electric vehicles (EVs) markets in the world, with the government pushing for the segment in order to curb pollution and diminish reliance on import-dependent fossil fuel.

On many levels, 2019 can be considered as a year of positive developments and synchronization for the country’s evolving electric vehicle industry. Throughout the year, the growth mode of industry kept multiplying with each passing day, be it in terms of government support and policies, the influx of investments, the introduction of new business or regulations. Now, as we head towards the New Year 2020, the EV industry strongly believes that the future of Indian electric mobility rests on the exponential rise in infrastructure and harnessing emerging business opportunities.

In the last few years, the industry is showing a phenomenal growth with plenty of companies surfing on the wave of electric vehicles. One such pioneer is providing an array of premium electric bikes that are budget-friendly, eco-friendly, pocket-friendly for the consumer. By balancing the gap between the demand and supply of quality and cost-effective e-Vehicles, Tunwal E-Vehicle is showing tremendous efforts to make electric vehicles available, accessible and affordable to all.

Characterizing itself far afield with its focus to empower the entire “E-Vehicles Manufacturing Space”, Tunwal E-Vehicle pulled out its humble beginnings in 2014 under the charismatic direction of Jhumarmal Tunwal.

Ripening with a clear vision of creating a greener value in the market by making such greener products which can help to lead environmental benefits for the betterment of human being and nature, Tunwal e-bike is heading the electric bike manufacturing in India.

Tunwal E-Bike headquarters and manufacturing unit is located in Green City Gandhinagar, Gujarat and is also expanded in Pune, Maharashtra. The team promises to bring the latest technology and cutting-edge design to the Indian Consumer.

Being as the Prime Mover in innovations in this EV segment, Tunwal E Vehicle India PVT. LTD. is renowned as the smartest, economical with premium design two-wheeler manufacturer. With a focus to change every gasoline bike existing on roads by Battery Operated Bikes and Scooters, Tunwal provides ebike at an economical cost and allows people to buy it under government subsidy schemes.

“We believe that our business is not just about building a loyal customer base, but also about building a better, cleaner and greener future for the generations to come. As an ambitious player of India’s evolving E-bike market, we wish to be the benchmarks of affordable eco-friendly technology”, shares Jhumarmal Tunwal, the man behind the brand.


Amit Kumar Mali

It is always captivating to pen down and share the journey of those who are demonstrating good times in life and business as well by following their hearts, executing their vision with a perpetual spirit of never giving up. One such industry veteran, Amit Kumar Mali, Director, Tunwal E-Vehicle, is taking the company on the victorious path with his dynamic leadership and industry knowledge.

 He is in his early days of career, as a young led, he emerged as a promising entrepreneur.  In a short time, Amit created his name to reckon with in e-vehicle manufacturing and is symbolized as the one who is leading the evolution of the Indian e-vehicle industry. His journey is reminiscent of ‘nowhere to everywhere’ story.

A hands-on business leader with standards of excellence in everything he does, Amit is almost fanatical about delivering value to clients and his willingness to sacrifice business and profits to hold on “His Commitment” has won his clients’ loyalty and undying co-operation of his team. In academics, Amit did   B.E. in Electronics & Telecommunication from Savitribai Phule Pune University.

Jhumarmal Tunwal

Jhumarmal Tunwal a Ph.D. in Business Management with a specialization in Electronic Components & E-Vehicles holds years of industry experience. He has been instrumental in implementing and delivering solutions in Tunwal since inception. He handles end-to-end operations of the business right from R&D, to procuring electronic components, manufacturing of e-Vehicles, bookings, registrations, and delivering the product to the customer. As a leader, Jhumarmal is a strong believer in continuous learning.

He is in the business of creating employment opportunities for youngsters in the country. He is a workaholic and works 16 hours straight, eats only one time a day. For him, there is no such thing as a holiday. He believes that hard work and professional commitments are what it takes to build a successful enterprise.

Jhumarmal Tunwal played an entrepreneurial role to rejuvenate the industry by combining knowledge with experience. His passion and commitment towards his customers have energized him every time to overcome challenges and attain customer delight.


The name “Tunwal” is renowned for the high-quality and excellent performance of vehicles, and after-sales service to consumers. Carving a niche in the industry, the company has set a new benchmark by providing an array of premium electric bikes roughly ranges from INR 32,000–60,000:

  • Sport 63(48v)
  • Sport 63(60v)
  • Sport 63 Alfa
  • Mini Lithino
  • Lithino 2.0
  • Storm zx
  • Lithino Li
  • TZ Bike (Launching soon)
  • T33 (Upcoming)


When the foundation of Tunwal E-Vehicle was taken in 2014, it was a rough start. But keeping the head down, and working tirelessly, the team was able to perfect the art of assembling the electronic parts and build e-bikes, which later became a sensation. Added to this, the experience of the founder in electronic components and running successful ventures in the past supported him build a solid ground-work, thereby adapting to the changing technology and management trends.

“For two years we toiled away in developing perfect products that essentially met the needs of the customers. We kept in mind the convenience, price, adaptability, battery life, speed, and mileage. There was no stopping for us,” asserts Jhumarmal Tunwal.

Sailing against the wind, with the introduction of Govt. subsidies, technology, quality manufacturing, and assembly line all in places, from 2015 onwards, things started to get better for Tunwal E-Vehicle. Once the business picked up, Tunwal E- Vehicle started manufacturing a range of products that gave wide options for consumers to choose from, based on the customer needs and requirements.

“Whenever a customer is investing in our product, we ensured to give them more than what they expect,” Jhumarmal Tunwal proudly says.


Tunwal has built a strong base of customers across the nation with having closely associated with each of its customers and delivering significant value to the design service. B2C marketing consumer response is demographic so that fluctuates but because of after-sales service, there is positive mouth marketing done by their clients.

The unique customer engagement model of the company has been functioning from day one, deeply engage with each customer to deliver the vehicle. The major marketing at Tunwal is done through consumers through word of mouth marketing and publicity. The optimum quality of vehicles backed by excellent people leads to an excellent marketing.


The global electric vehicle is growing rapidly; in 2017, the market size was valued at $118,864.5 million and now it is projected to reach $567,299.8 million by 2025, growing at a CAGR of 22.3% from 2018 to 2025. According to the Autocar reports of 2019 total 130% growth has been increased. The demand for electric vehicles is governed by an increase in demand for fuel-efficient, high-performance, and low-emission vehicles.

Tunwal is in the leading position and taking full advantage of the growth. The R&D team at the company has a 4% total of revenue generated for better technology and innovation. With an electronic component factory in Pune, Maharashtra and assembly unit in Gandhi Nagar, Gujarat, and Tunwal E-Vehicle has set up state-of-the-art facilities to produce quality e-Vehicles. Also, the company has an in-house R&D department, which continuously ideates, innovate and develop new technology to improve battery efficiency and manufacture e-Vehicles as per market requirement.


The government plays a major role in EV industries. It has now reduced the GST of EV vehicles from 12% to 5%. Society is getting aware of EV Industries as the Government revolution is driving the market rapidly; society awareness is taking place now with Tunwal’s upgraded technology.


The trailblazer of e-vehicle, Tunwal holds strong to its values and striving to serve the community.

“Integrity, ethics, and innovations for doing the right thing, in an honest, fair, and responsible way is the core value we follow to maintain our name in this electric market”, states Jhumarmal Tunwal.

“Besides, the strength of innovation, strong customer orientation, diversity, and team spirit are the cornerstones of the company,” he further adds.


A well-conceived plan, solving and updating products as per consumer requirements and future technology, makes Tunwal the best brand in the industry.

Because of the dedicated efforts of the team force in delivering supreme quality products, Tunwal could create its name in the global market. Tunwal’s creditability is through its product quality.

 It is inspiring a positive culture that is willing to take risks and introducing innovative solutions. Moreover, Tunwal E-Vehicle has given many opportunities for people without any educational background to prove their true potential, and lead a better lifestyle.


The management team at Tunwal believes that the positive work environment and team effort are vital to accomplish business goals. A healthy work culture leads to positive results and growth of the company. Here, there are key factors of the corporate culture at Tunwal:

  • Openwork culture
  • On-Job training and development opportunities
  • Constant learning and personal enrichment
  • High sense of responsibility and ownership
  • Ability to express oneself in a culture of freedom
  • An environment that is challenging yet friendly
  • Long-term career growth opportunity in a fast-paced organization


Tunwal has been recognized by various entities for its outstanding contributions and capabilities, a few that are listed,

  • It has received IEDRA AWARDS –Certificate & Award of excellence
  •  The company has been honoured with LIMCA BOOK OF WORLD RECORD – PUBLISHING IN APRIL 2020 for 500 vehicles rally


In order to have clean air people need to go for electric and innovative solutions. Tunwal is introducing eco-friendly products using magnetic energy to conserve fuel. They also provide helpful products for senior citizens and handicapped people and for school student low-speed electric vehicles. Here, they are targeting two birds with one stone; one side they are making pollution-free products which will increase people’s average age and another side, they are supporting the helpless people of the society.


Within a short span of time, Tunwal has gained significant popularity and has a huge customer base in different parts of India, now it plans to expand its wings to cover the wider part of the country. Tunwal is targeting to expand its business with the target to convert all the gasoline vehicles with Tunwal’s Electric Pollution-free vehicle by producing 1000 pieces per month.

Further Amit Kumar added, “As per the support received from the government for green India through no pollution electric vehicles and customers review on our product will achieve the status required in less than 5 years” talking about the five-year growth strategy of the company.  

“We will not stop until all vehicles on the road are Tunwal’s electric”, wraps up Jhumarmal Tunwal.

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