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Viteos is the best place to work because we are always learning and growing

“Viteos is the best place to work because we are always learning and growing.”
Chitra Baskar, VITEOS COO

Tailored for each manager’s specific requirements, Viteos’ Best Thinking and Best Practices help managers grow. The firm offers customized straight-through-processing and integrate post-trade operations across virtually every asset class, currency, border, or structure. The product suite is comprised of a full range of shadow-accounting, middle- and back-office professional services for investment managers. Deep operational and accounting expertise, backed by state of art technology, enables a high degree of control via automation in a 24 hour, 5 days a week global delivery model. The result is a new level of scalability and flexibility to help firms grow—whether the focus is on gathering assets, developing new strategies or entering new markets.

CEO Shankar Iyer and COO Chitra Baskar, both experienced entrepreneurs, co-founded the firm as Viteos Capital Markets in 2003. Since its initial beginnings as an India based BPO, the firm has never lost its entrepreneurial spirit, and the founders’ drive and guidance have established the firm as a global player in the financial and IT sectors. Viteos specializes in middle- and back- office and shadow-accounting professional services. “After the market collapse in 2008 we saw a great demand for transparency from investors and identified the space of what we now call ‘shadow accounting.’ We saw that as a powerful growth area and we moved in early to that arena” Chitra Baskar revealed to The CEO Magazine.

Today, headquartered in New York and New Jersey, with offices in London, the Cayman Islands, and Singapore, Viteos’ services are used by nearly 800 funds across 52 global clients with $200 billion in assets served. The firm’s delivery centers are located in India and the US.

Partnered with Credit Suisse, the company also offers a unique combination of expert fund accounting, systems integration, and leading-edge software at very competitive pricing. The ongoing investment in people and process improvement further strengthens a strong offering. Partnership with Viteos offers a distinct competitive advantage, particularly as it efficiently grows and scales clients’ businesses.

Unlike one-size-fits-all solutions, the company tailors its services and solutions to each manager’s specific requirements, supporting the fund’s unique strategy and portfolio and helping to ensure success. Exceptional outsourced accounting services (including powerful reconciliation), backed by proprietary technology that integrates seamlessly with existing front and back office solutions form the backbone of the Viteos solution.

In 2014, Viteos won the HFM Best Shadow-accounting Firm Award. Arcesium, EzeOps, Northern Trust, IFS, Nirvana, Concept One, Maples, UMB, US Bancorp, SS&C GlobeOp, HedgeServ, Custom House, Ingenious Initiatives, HedgeFacts, and Gravitas compete with Viteos.

Viteos’ solutions include:

  1. ASTTRA Trade Life Cycle Management, Valuation & Reporting
    Comprehensive ETL Functionalities with off the shelf Geneva Integration
  2. RECON REDUX Straight-Thru Reconciliation Platform
    Rule based hierarchical reconciliation engine
  3. VEDA Single-Click Economic Allocation
    A comprehensive shareholder accounting platform
  4. VeriPFy Meet all complex, regulatory filing requirements worldwide
    A repeatable solution regardless of domicile, size, or structure, integrating with internal operations and processes.
  5. SCHEDULER Application Process Workflow Enabler
    Custom Integration with ASTTRA/REDUX processes available
  6. DOCUMENTUM Enterprise Content Management & Integration
    EMC Partner & Solution architect in the EMC Documentum™ space
  7. SHAREPOINT Collaboration Solutions for the Enterprise
    Custom integrations with EMC Documentum™

Key Officials

Chitra Baskar
Chief Operations Officer

As a co-founder, Ms. Baskar has played an instrumental role in Viteos’ success since its inception in 2003, responsible for building its technology, operations to support product evolution, client delivery, and service on a global scale. Her entrepreneurial drive and spirit has proven critical to the establishment of Viteos’ culture and working environment, where fully 20% of the staff are women. She has structured the technology and operations framework that allows Viteos to constantly be at the leading edge of its industry and anticipate trends and client needs.

The open, driven and close community culture of Viteos is a reflection of her own values and strengths. Creativity, innovation, learning, growth and integrity guide the core culture of Viteos. Professionally trained as an accountant, Ms. Baskar spent two decades in the securities markets. She formerly headed the securities services business for a leading financial services institution encompassing custody, clearing, settlement and fund administration for several international prime brokers. She has a track record of successfully building businesses and has been engaged with large companies like Citicorp, TCS and IL&FS.

Her personal view of creating solutions for people that can become very significant to them, combined with valuing colleagues who have the same passion, and the same pride is now the hallmark of Viteos. Viteos is the best place to work because learning and growing is constant for all staff.

Awards & Recognitions

  • Global Fund Awards 2015, Global Shadow-Accounting Firm of the Year
  • CTA US Services Awards 2015 Best Shadow Accounting
  • HFM US Hedge Fund Services Awards, 2014, Best Shadow-accounting firm
  • 2014 Global Custodian Awards for Excellence, Regulatory Solution
  • HFM European Hedge Fund Services Awards, 2015, Best middle-office services  Viteos Fund Services
  • HFM European Hedge Fund Services Awards, 2014, Best middle-office services  Viteos Fund Services
  • Hedge Fund Awards 2015 Best Bespoke Solutions in Hedge Funds
  • Finance Monthly, Global Awards 2015, Best Bespoke Solutions in Hedge Funds USA
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