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Why we are celebrating women`s day; Is it just a calendar or a media activity says Varsha Nandakumar


Why we are celebrating women`s day; Is it just a calendar or a media activity?

On March 8, 2015 we have celebrated International women’s day; people celebrate it with cards, whatsapp/facebook posts, sweets, flowers & happiness. And they remember that women’s are special only on this special day, but have thought about rest of the 364days of the year…? Women’s are abused every minute all over the world, brutally killed for dowry, and treated as slaves. Every now and then we come across crimes that are taking place in our society. Women’s don’t have safety here. Then in what way it’s meaningful and worth to celebrate this day with happiness?

Horrific gang rapes are happening very frequently in the society, with no proper actions taken by the government authority to prevent it. Only when such crimes happen in the society, people will do protests, strikes and much more. As the time goes, even both the society and government will forget it and get busy with their own life. Another incident occurs, again protest/dharanas and the cycle goes on.

At least on this special day I request our people and the government to realize the situation and think where our society is heading towards. Let them bring some changes and implement it into actions without much delay.
Let’s stop violence, stop crime and respect women.

I know law can’t be changed immediately, I know system won’t change rapidly, BUT people can change, their mentality, their views & opinions can be changed.

Let’s bring in awareness & improve standard of living in the society, then celebrating this day may get a better meaning.
This is my way of celebrating this women’s day. I don’t know whether this article can Change something, but I am sure it will have an impact on at least half of us.. I am sure almost all of you know out of 8 pages of news paper, 3-4 pages fills up with crime news. Are we buying news paper to read these kind news on crimes/corruption. We shall all be happy when all the faces in the society smile. Let’s do our part to bring that smile back in each human.

RESPECT WOMEN’S, RESPECT MANKIND & LEARN MORALITY. (Inspired to write this article by Ravinder Singh recent novel “your dreams are mine now”)

– Varsha Nandakumar

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