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“As entrepreneurs, we enjoy the ongoing journey by accomplishing diverse milestones and not just march blindfolded towards the final destination”


In this technologically driven era, the internet has altered the situation upside-down completely. Technology, each year bounces back with advanced features and new updates that are a must follow in the mobile and web development space. 

The idea of comfort of the consumer has surpassed everything and hence technologies like IoT (Internet of Things), Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, etc. has been made available at the fancy of disposal. The best route to reach the target audience is to ensure that the latest trends in web and mobile application world have been kept up-to-date.  

Helping in automating and facilitating this process smoothly are Nirdesh Singh, Ashwin Singh & Neekee Singh; Co-Directors, Zedex Info Pvt. Ltd, who strive to build brand value for customers through their esteemed services on offer for their clients. The company helps the technical and the non-technical clients to gain a comprehensive platform online by crafting their Website, building Mobile Apps, Designing effective marketing strategies to reach the masses and thus having a powerful presence in the market. 

At present, they are continuously stepping up on the competitive market ladder by enhancing their knowledge in learning the advanced skills of AI, machine learning and further understanding the intricacies of IoT to provide a holistic business model to the existing and potential customers.  


Nirdesh, as the Director of the company, has strived to keep a balance between his professional and personal life. After completing his graduation in Computer Science, he focused entirely on the sales and marketing field. He further, out of curiosity added finance to the basket and gained fundamental knowledge of the industry. After collecting enough experience from all the necessary fields, he had gained enough confidence to venture into this idea. And consequently, Nirdesh finally decided to explore opportunities in his field of interest and kept the founding stones of Zedex Info Pvt. Ltd.

The company has stood out of the crowd because of their outstanding abilities and services, they don’t just churn out websites for you, they don’t just make you a part of the crowd, they don’t just get over a quick task and send you away, they do a lot more. Zedex Info will be with you, assisting you on every single step of the way for your website’s process, including design and development and that’s something that only the very top of web design companies are in capacity to offer. That’s just one of the reasons why they happen to be one of the best web design companies around and why they take pride in the fact that it’s going to stay that way for a long time to come. 


The idea for the business came to Nirdesh while he was freelancing to understand the requirement of people in terms of business. And the wait for him finally ended when he came across technical graduates and enthusiasts Ashwin and Neekee; both Engineers from the same field. He brought them onboard as his partners. They shared his passion to build something technologically large and beneficial for their clients and together they shared the idea and journey to the success they have created today. 

Nirdesh further added, “Initially, we worked in a garage, so we had difficulty hiring talent, as people were more attracted to the leading MNCs and thereby hindering us from moving ahead. We slowly and steadily hired people and trained them hard, giving them a purpose to serve our clients.”


Zedex Info hires only the best in the business to their team of programmers and designers – and they are on a constant mission to improve their skills to make sure that they’re on the top of their game at all times. Their knowledgeable, expert staff has years of experience and they can help diagnose and fix the most common tech issues that your application might experience. Their staff can help you through the process step-by-step, and they’re happy to answer any questions that you might have. 


Zedex today, opens itself to the clients who come with an idea, they visualize and understand their concepts and construct the workflow online. After building the website, mobile apps, they market their business to reach the masses and provide max benefits.

“90% of our clients are overseas and are a mix of small and medium-sized businesses. By networking and referrals, we reach our clients. We do maintain our quality and innovation which becomes our USP” asserts Neekee.  

The company meticulously chooses to stay motivated on solving business needs and relative mobile and web development related issues, any technological glitch faced by a business house is a field of interest ready to be explored. The start-up has been in the making for more than 5 years now and continues to amplify the quality of its services; the reason behind the ascending structure is the ever-evolving and hardworking team of professionals skilled in their field of expertise. 


“The journey so far has not been a piece of cake; we have faced our set of challenges and fought our own battles. The hiccups on the way or even the days when it seemed that we are on loggerheads with a dead end, we did not stop. We kept moving ahead and we strive to continue doing so” emphasizes Ashwin.  

Nirdesh has drawn inspiration from all strings attached to him. He believes that one cannot pick just one incidence or a person from a plethora of people we meet and learn from each day. Each person has inspired him differently and he ensures that he has established something meaningful from all the people he has met. 

In the coming five years, Zedex aims to achieve a ‘5BX5CX5T’ model. This model will aim for the company to amplify its business, client base, and turnover five times. They look forward to delivering 100% satisfaction to each of their clients and receive additional referrals thereby multiplying their revenue.

Team Zedex wraps with a piece of advice for the budding entrepreneurs, “Think of an idea and work hard to realize it. Don’t be scared of any failures, because the failures will teach you what steps you need to avoid while working hard on your concepts.” 

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